surely, ZilQarneyn!

Hi! I'm Ferzen R Midyat, the ZilQarneyn! publishing this portal -- along with the four listed at the right of the nav-bar.

The portal is happening to start with two WFIPs (words falling in place). Surprise gifts from Allah.

The first is a sweet surprise. The right arm of the navbar is MMII, that is, in Roman numerals, 2002. The 2002 theme has been cozy for me. I had referred to 2002, as the start to rise. That is affine welcome, just as is rising, too.

The next is potentially a fitne. I hope to spin that appropriately, the way Allah might have intended, by highlihting the issue.

The left portion of the nav-bar in Istanbulî pages, is "AmEn R-world zilqarneyn!" the first two of which (especially, when together), might remind of a pagan "god" of ancient Egypt. (Not to forget the new age people who become pagans, maybe upon getting fooled by deadroids.)

But that bias of guessing that as that ppagan "god" is not justifiable, while the content I publish, is full of Islam. Such a bias, resembles evolutionists who selectively attend the big picture, tucking away the most of the nature, into "yet to be explained" category, while expecting a strict subscription to their evolutionary lore. I'm that who wrote that word there. Therefore, I know what is the cause. Honestly, I intended that as a pun for amen/amin, the prayer-concluding word (expressing how what I publish is a wish, that counts toward praying for requesting from Allah).

The sense of mentioning the "English" language with respect to USA, is well-thought, too.

I had thought whether "Ra" could have been the person that is known as Zilqarneyn/Zulqarneyn (a.s.). The left arm of the nav-bar, is actually including that, too. Right there next to that "AmEn R-world" is the third of the trio, "zilqarneyn!" This presents the context to tell of the guess.

People in history have mainly either persecuted their prophets (a.s.), or (in case their prophet (a.s.) was too powerful or popular), they "promoted" that to a "god" status. This is a logical point of review, for explaining how most pagan "gods" were created, post mortem -- in addition to cases such as Nimrod, who was a tyrant passing as if "god," while living, too. This view is a logical way of reviewing history for a faithful person, in contrast to how atheists try to construct the history of faith. Those who ignore/neglect the existence of Allah, try to think the "evolution" of Judaism/Christianity/Islam, from primitive cultures. Naturally, I subscribe to the vice versa. The primitive cases (if a prophet was sent there), may have been abridged. If no prophet was sent there, that still would not contribute toward "evolving" because there is no such need to see such primitive stages. Allah knows Himself. Just expressing Himself. (The intricacies of divine laws might have got more sophisticated, though, upon civilizations having novel issues.)

So what if that "AmEn" word was a trick of a satan (fooling with me with the religiously-all-right word, while poking the opportunity as a paganist fitna), that is again what Allah might have intended (by motivating that satan to bug me), to rub the noses of such satans, the way I have.

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