a forum
for interacting with me

A forum for interacting with me, around any topic that I publish, in this web -- R-world, Islam, form@fix, etc.

e-mail, for me

For an info-request, or a response, run your e-mail, for me. I respond to that, inshaellah.

Normally, I do not chat -- although, for a friend, that I had already talked in the real-world, I may.

the media-hierarchy If the access-need is not immediate, choose the more relaxed method. The speediest (and most identity-guaranteed, if real-address) is visiting at home, then telephone, then e-mail. This would let me arrange my life wiser, and not interrupted when busy.

DO NOT send any "last letter." (What if lost?) Mail again, if I have not responded.

Alternatively, in next/any e-mail to me, refer to the recent [non-responded] e-mail list.

Warning: After having read me, from me, you are supposed to infer, what I would never do -- whether dead, or alive. Do not get fooled, even if they claim to be talking in my name, or even if they look like me. Please, report to me if you ever encounter such abuses of my name. Beware the charlatans.

a fair menu

If a referred page (clickable-link), does not lead to any (published) page, that is a menu entry, for your e-mail, for a request from me. That is resembling a RRRR fair, as what you order may not exist in their stock.

Instead, after your order, the fair-master may arrange that to arrive, from any [remote] location/inventory, or from the handycraft-master, for a made-to-order request (as I forge the page). In this case here, I have a huge amount of thought/information, already -- for most, by the time I refer to that page, in another (published) page.

Thereafter, your request may favor that page, to get published faster. This market metaphor, is affine for a forum, as a marketplace was a constant feature in a forum, in the ancient Rome (and in the dictionaries).

As a RRRR fair-master does, I may first respond by learning what exactly your request is, if your request does not already fully specify what you really want. For example,

As in the case of a RRRR fair, a made-to-order, interactive strategy, is a valuable strategy for publishing, too.

fault report

e-mail me, for a fault report. A fault-report may tell me where I have a typo, or other wrong.

A fault is most noteworthy, if that could lead a huge earthquake. Have I built the right framework, here? Or, is there any fault, around? I live in Istanbul, and you may think of Los Angeles, too -- settled right next to a fault.

May any page, [when read in relation to another,] lead to any major disaster? I hope, no. I think thoroughly. In any case, though, your fault-report would at least let me know what reason I had thought, I have not explained.

affine remedies

I may design, and optimize. Tell me your problem, to receive a response. (As opposed to, your fatwa-question on what you think to do. I wonder whether I am that knowledgeable to judge the fatwa, of the arbitrary question.)

After I arrange/mediate for a remedy, you may verify that readily, with any Islamic rule-base (fiqih) book -- from the most thoroughly understood range of that. For example, for farm/food.

The first ("alpha-version thought") that may pop, is not necessarily the remedy. I reflect thoroughly, for an idea:

The result is within reach, and useful. Next, though, if there still remain any aspect/reservation that I have not foreseen/noticed, I may revise the first remedy I have offered. Again. Again. ...

Respond me [again], for informing me, what is not there. I may have already considered that aspect, or else, I would like to. A few re-thinking phases, for revising a case study, is the need when/if your statement of your case, was not enough for reflecting your situation.

I am not asking for a secret, at all. Do not tell me. People may have strange categories of what is public-info and what is not -- and not to even mention the e-mail viruses, witch-beings, etc.

for free

R-world is free ready information, and may have already responded to your question. For example, read firmaze/RRRR (for an interest-free investment model), formaze (for a re*education), etc. -- with useful case studies. As a result, you may affirm any representative/consultant of your choice, to work with. If any R-world-related question is there, e-mail me, free-of-charge. I do not offer any specific person, as a consultant.

In time, if the informaze and record are widely established, around the world, choosing a firmazer/etc, will get more optimal, and easier. The framework, the feature-list is ready, though.

for a fee? That is not what I would rather do, really. I do not have a wise method to do the fee arithmetic, and I would not have felt fine, really -- whether I charge a huge fee, or too little. (At the time of yore, I had told people that, they may tell me the need, and the payment they think, and after that, I could do in the order I want each. The boring/lax/expensive, and the least paid could wait indefinitely. Thus, I may at least read the offer, although as I have said, I respond to the most interesting, the R-world-inference, for free, already. The fee is for the intricacies tied to your firm.)

a firmazer? Here is a forum! I would rather, gather together a few firmazer / RRRR people. Although R-world mazing is not center-bound, this may act as a fair-fair (to list each fair, as a web-directory is listing web-pages).


Note that, there are a few to choose. If the e-mail (that is, the case-teller), does not explicitly tell, I understand that, I am allowed to choose any option. Please tell your choice, if that does matter. Reflecting,

Content Similarity, Plagiarism

Have you noticed plagiarism, around? Is anything I have published, similar to what you have read elsewhere? I would certainly like to know that (irrespective of your opinion on, who borrowed from who). Please, e-mail me.

That may not mean much, which author you think may be the lax or wicked one. One or none, may be. Or, in cases, even both may be, as when a third, unreferenced author/work may exist. e.g: In classes, if a hardworking student wrote, next, others took that (not to mention the lecturers' using.)

I have anti-plagiarism strategies for publishing.

After a reader (or, the author) has noticed the plagiarism/similarity, the resulting confrontation may point out who copied from who. Further work thereafter, as well as any past accomplishment/work/stance, may indicate.

The decent will win, and have/keep a fine reputation, inshaellah.

Are You Ready?

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