The n-Days Trial Period.

My system is Islamic, and you may be wondering your upcoming status with-respect-to Islam, Allah, and the (in the world beyond) heaven, and hell.

Take your stay with my system as a limited-days trial-offer. Not 30-days, as usual for software and services, but for your full time of stay in this world.

During your stay here, your full life, you may use these ideas to the max. Some outside observer may not even be able to tell how-on-earth you may not be a muslim, really. Every detail, as you become convinced with each one, you may gradually apply them to your own life.

This much, is to make your worldly-stay a heavenly-bliss.

To get to actual heaven, you need also to become a muslim. When you add its clarity-through-ages, this is not hard at all, beliefwise, too.

So, the full picture is: Your behaviors will decide your earthly stay's heavenly-or-hellish destiny. Your faith decides your eternal heaven-or-hell stay

Islam: The Clarity through Ages.

Through Ages.

Islam is not new, around. It has been almost 1400 years. The system we tell here is based on that. No changes-to-basics to fit new demands. No overriding. We took the initial principles, and relationships and applied to the current problems, on a global scale. See for yourself.

Any Alternative, Ready-to-be-Realized Systems? Do you already have a faith with some historical standing? That is, we exclude recently-made ones, or the ones keeping-to-change to meet criticisms. If you have one and if you can base a full-life system on your own faith, let us see that, of course.


Clarity. In other words, as I ask, "What is irrational with an apple? And who created it?" If your faith is not as rational, would you still not ponder about it?

There are two issues that are worthy of notice. Let's see how they are also clearly explained, still keeping with Islam.

When the object is to explain the whole existence, three classes of phenomena may be lacking precise data, at hand. We show that Islam has the best, if not the optimal, case for each of them.

But do keep in mind, and check for yourself, that none of these three issues is about any contradictions. They are only in the "beyond" category. And starting there, Islam makes, and keeps them clear.

Material"ism", Positiv"ism"-as-opposed-to-already-observed. Pagan priests telling from unseen, unheard of spirits.

In reality, when something turns out to have really some material basis, that state-of-material-being itself points out an immense design. Materialist rigidity, excluding the Creator, becomes more and more unfeasible. Getting ever closer to the impossibility limit.

Just compare the case when materialists of two milleniums ago thought all the universe was composed of only earth, fire, water, and wind. ((??Check the four elements they referred to??)) Now, in the times after the discovery of chaos in nature, the enzyme actions in our body, say for DNA duplication, and with ever expanding list of chaos and regulation phenomena, those unseen-spirits ("the future") which was supposed to be pushing all that toothpaste back in the tube sounds only absurd.

They say: "Wait, we will show (in "their future"(?), of course). They ruined generations with that. We say: "We are moving on. Do not disturb us till you find something we could verify." Enough is enough. Let slogans keep away. Let us start with our lives and business. And that being based on Islam, a faith that stands on its feet across time; Not with some fake-scientific-based ideology like social-Darwinism, or the like, lingering around.

The issue designated not-decidable in Islamic literature, was the "fate vs. choice" issue. The classical wording: hadith:"Not an issue to solve, to have decisions on ....." "???If you get into it, you may not be back out of it, with an answer." The new one: "Yes you will not have an answer. And that is the nature of it." We refer to the physical analogy of indeterminacy-of-quantum-phenomena w.r.t. fate/choice. There are physics experiments, too.

The physics-literate reader may point to the "irrationality" in the quantum phenomena.

The issue designated not-capturable-by the-mind with Islam, the "fate vs. choice" issue corresponds to that.

In deed, there are physics experiments that bring together people's choice/influence (psychokinesis) with quantum-physical phenomena. To the point of influencing phenomena in the past, which you would otherwise refer to as "surely written there, even if we have not observed it."

So, the structure, if not the full mechanism, is the same. Allah does seem to have reserved the last decision. Both fate and choice have effect.

The issue designated not-comprehensible is comprehending the full-existence of Allah. The classical wording: "Your mind is limited. How do you expect to comprehend the full state-of-being of your Creator?" We give the analogy of trying to work with a graphical image that is larger in size than your computer's memory plus hard disk capacity.

N.B.: not-comprehensible does not mean to include self-contradictions, in the case of Islam. The problem is with getting the full picture. Otherwise, when you get two different aspects of Allah as presented to us, w.r.t. the situation/issue in question, it is still consistent/reconcilable, and clear.

The only left issue, if you count that at all, is the state-of-being of Allah oneself. The answer to that revolves around "mental capacity."

Allah is not created. Has no likeness, no children. And the best we can have for keeping in mind and understand is, w.r.t. (with-respect-to) issues (and situations). What is expected from us, and what stands/names/adjectives Allah chooses for Oneself w.r.t that issue (or situation).

i.e.: With a current example: You cannot load a picture that is larger than your memory-plus-harddisk. If you are lucky, you may work with snapshots of it. And that is what Islam provides us. For issues, it states where Allah stands with respect to (w.r.t.) that issue, and what adjective best fits Allah, w.r.t that issue/situation.

Beyond that, we cannot understand even ourselves, yet. Not even just a full-physical-grasp of us, not even at only a practical level. Diseases like cancer and AIDS are still tolling bells.

And any claims that "Completely-understanding Allah should be any easier than completely-understanding an apple (or, ourselves)." comes only absurd. The fullest picture is managed by Allah. We do our parts, with Islam, and then our instincts at hand.

To make an analogy with wine (not an Islamically-acceptable substance, but the analogy is there): The idea is: "When you swirl/stir/shake? it in the glass, if it is giving a blurred, fuzzy, cloudy appearance/vision/scene, then it signals having gone through some faulty process, or lack of quality, in its making." (Not to mention that, if it is giving altogether a foul/bad smell, as closed-hierarchies are so prone to, then you may consider switching to another product.)

You are intelligent. Yet, that faith preached to you confuses you with its contradictions. You cannot make sense of it, you cannot reconcile. What does that signal to you?

Islam: Individuals w/ Mutual Rights.

In short, I may help only here, and then also try to convince you to register yourself (in your heart) with Islam, too. Before the trial-period ends. In the end, it is your choice.

You should start to reflect, after some point, "How could such a perfect system can exactly fit to nothing else but only to the basic, unabridged, and not-"upgraded" Islamic principles? And as such, how could the source of Islam not be divine?"

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