A Free Remedy for the World

I have a world-view, for re-inforcing freedom - anti-abuse Ready. Modular. Islamic. These pages are your opportunity, to re-affirm what I offer, as the preferrable way.

Affinity for our own education
Farm-to-table, food-to-raise
Firm-finance & Money
Regional responsibility / army
Med-ed (4 health), & welfare
Zeal, in any zone, to represent

A Front, for Reform

a maze, with freedom

A maze is a free-form (distributed) architecture - with freedom. Reform, to optimize the return, for your life&money. No centralized military, no centralized police, no compulsory education, etc. From (received, and recorded) public-info-about-people, to a maze. To minimize the cost of wrong expectations.

e.g: For education, easily pick any other area to work with, any time.

e.g: For representation, I offer an affirmation-regularity model. As far as your representative, is representing your wishes - his/her vote is, your vote, too. i.e: I dump away the "elect-then-obey-until-the-term-ends" which is the tension of the current-day politics, even if betrayed by the elected, who may swallow his/her campaign-time promises/exaggerations.

In other world-reform offers, you would have to judge me as a leader, too, because after gallons of "freedom" words, that whoever grabs the center, may turn to a tyranny and/or corruption. But here, I offer only the recipe for a maze-world. No election to a central-post, ever. Even if [you think] you see me somewhere, but if that person tells you something contradictory to what I present here, then you have all the options to keep your support away. This is a federalism, at the person-level.

An Index for Islam - the Independence Exemplar

Even when (as I have done in most cases) I start to deal with the issues and problems, from our own lives, the ideas I have formulated for relief, firmly fit with the unabridged Islamic principles. In many cases, I was further led by those principles to even finer concerns, and improved ideas. It is tax-free ("except" zekat), and it is anti-abuse, for re-inforcing freedom - as fostered by Islam.

From: zElQarneyn
Re: Free Remedy, for Reforming the World ...

R-world is a way for applying the unabridged Islam, and it is enabling your immediate relief, as an individual (or, a few people), while co-existing with the rest of the world.

Are you wondering how all these differences may fit-or-transform your life? Have a chance to learn it directly. Tell me, about yourself, and I may study it as a case study.

Important Notice: I do not collect your money, and I do not channel to any particular person. Neither through this site, nor otherwise. If you know anyone who claims to be collecting (or diverting) money in my name, please do inform me, about that abuse. If in cases, you decide to collect money for your local purposes, you should arrange it locally yourself, and better also keep the collectors and the spenders distinct, and both being accountable.

Firm. Ready. Right.

I prefer proven modules for building R-World, to reap any established reward from Islam (for our both-worlds), and from research (psychology, etc). Firm and flexible. The ready-remedies I offer, tend to relieve a variety of problems, all-together.

In other words, where some others consider some principles to be "too rigid" ("blocking development"), I take those same principles as treasures to formulate with, as firm building blocks. The way I model the world, as a computer programmer, and also as a psychology something, this is only natural.

An example is the remedy I suggest, for our food, to deal with the problems of farmers (bankruptcy, wasted-yield, etc.), as well as favor the market-abused city-people - where tinkered-genes (GMO), and/or plant-hormones may abuse our health. And the remedy I offer, does not ever need any loans (banks and interest-payments) which even some (abridged) Islamic scholars claim as if "essential."

Freedom = Expressing What Allah Created

Allah creates each person, as a prospective-existence - with a variety of motivations and abilities. Some of these are positive by any standard - except maybe when exaggerated to an extreme. Others may be unwanted - religiously or otherwise.

Freedom is the ability to express your worth, and to reap any revenue, in return. To remain free, a minimal constitution may regulate the structure of interactions with other people, for any (public, or exchange/trade) resource. No more law-making. Every further decision is made through a free-contract among the interested people.

Therefore, freedom is different than [most of] the political ideologies. We are never supposed to establish any centralized organizations, although most, if not all, ideologies assign some people to those positions, and next, they either (unquestioningly) obey, or (if more "democratic") they gather,vote,then,obey.

The Unabridged Islam

The lifestyle expressed by our prophet Muhammed (s.a.s) a millenium and a half ago. These are coded in the unabridgable-Quran as words of Allah, and also in the detailed scholarly collections of hadiths (words and behaviors) of Muhammed (s.a.s.).


Islam is what our prophet Muhammed (s.a.s.) told us Islam was, and we can neither add nor subtract rules from it. Going to either extremes is bidat (inventing some rule on your own "in the name of Islam"). In other words,

What I offer, is only one of the many ways for applying Islam. It complies with the Islamic requirements and suggestions. And after that, it is a matter of what I prefer, from among the many possible ways for living as a muslim.

Firm Resolve, for a Faster Run

An analogy is with cars. A perfect brake system does practically mean you can go faster, more efficiently take turns and not crash into something. With no brakes, we would not be riding much faster than five or six miles an hour, if that!

My task in this site, in part, is to demonstrate how I find the full Islam as revealed through our prophet Muhammed (s.a.s.) turns out to be a perfect, efficient vehicle with a superb set of brakes. (For carrying us during our this-worldly travel, as well as to beyond.)

Time Shift

If you would like to tour in the Islamic atmosphere as it was in the very original (without the recent technologies,etc. I employ), you may visit The main page for the lifestyle as expressed by our prophet Muhammed (s.a.s.).

Life in an Ex-state

Let the year 2002 represent the 20th/21th century World, as it is - as we were born in, and we notice the problems of the people in it. In 2002, I started typing-for-publication, what I had already kept thinking for many years (decades).

I document the 2002-world, to point out the contrast with what I offer. Most of these observations about the 2002-world, were already published in your favorite newspapers in the years 1969, 1990, 2002, etc. The well-known criticisms, as well as some of the lesser heard.

In 2002, there exist such massive organizations and centralized states that, the general belief is that "nothing may change" - whether for the good, or the worse.

When the issues are complex, each resembling a Gordion knot all by itself, and then when they cannot be fully separated from each other (e.g: education and finance), solving them all at once, without disrupting the on-going investments of our lives, is a major hurdle. That is where I walk, forward.

R:World through its Construction Phase ...

First, I publish what I write, whether software or ideas, in a modest, although understandable-and-valuable form. Next, I may publish further. For example, about

For the yet-to-be-released pages (or for more content for the already published pages), to send your request may let your preference to get published sooner.

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