Armaze for the people:
for protecting ours, and informing others.

I have a world-view, the R-World, for freedom - inspired by Islam. This is a tax-free world-wide-view, and it is anti-abuse. Let people remain free, with their preferences, with their own money. There is no such other "state-controlled money" to finance anything. I affirm the feasibility of what I offer, as concerns finance, and against potential abuses, too..

armaze resident formations, networked world-wide

This page presents the principles for armaze, the remedy for protecting what we own, and for informing other people. An armaze is the regional, possibly world-wide, arms-maze, to represent people, in concerns about security-threats. This is for protecting the people around, as well as for regional defense. An armaze manages any arm of that area. That is, defense-related issues are also represented by the armaze formations, in the name of the people of that area, as in authorizing combat, and arms-storage-and-transfer.

An armaze is a network of resident armaze-formations. The freepeople are the citizens, who are not (professional) armaze-people. i.e: Not paid, and without any professional obligations, for protecting others. They may represent themselves, in armaze, though. The [professional] armaze-people represent any firm, and/or the freepeople, who authorize them, for public and/or regional defense.

We are responsible for what our armaze-people do.

Every firm, and every freeperson. We are responsible for what our armaze-people do, and for what they do not. If we notice problems with what they do [not], or if we are told about it, we must act about it.

If the concern is about their wrongdoings, we must remove them. We cannot let that go on, in our name(s), with our resources.

If the concern is (only) about their incapabilities, we should fortify them with those missing, arms, and/or abilities. For example, by letting them acquire the missing know-how, and/or by employing new armaze-people, to supplement.

no pecking order

An armaze is not authorized by any central authority It is an armaze, by the standards, it adheres to. I reserve the term armaze, for what I explain here, through this page.

Each armaze formation, is free to prefer its trusted armazes. This is how mazes, of armaze-formations, are formed. Both informing, and combat-support, network through mazes of trust. We authenticate, filter through our human-knowledge, mostly. The Islamic hadith isnad models when reporting from our prophet Muhammed (s.a.s.), already suggest, how people may evaluate the trustability of any informer, especially in chaotic times. I plan referring to that volume of work, too, as over centuries, the hadith-scholars have really discussed a lot, about information-filtering, in human networks.

The trustability is not probably "mutual." Even such an untrustable individual/group, would trust an informer who is well-known to inform right, everytime.

On centralized police, with tax-money.
security in secrecy, with unknown-of intelligence?

The Question is: Do we need any nation-wide "above the ordinary citizens" grouping that has "some right" to intrude into privacies, keep records in secrecy, and even finalize judgments on the people? And not to mention doing all this with the taxpaying citizen's money?

The Answer is: Not necessary, at all. Of course, in theory, we could understand and tolerate such a situation to combat crime, but only if we could find some really ideal people to put into such positions.

Unfortunately, the reality, especially if you consider the case around the world, the situation may be that such an organization, at times, even can get just another brand of mafia, itself.

With armaze, I suggest networking for protecting ours, and informing others. This covers the expected functionality of the security, and intelligence, in today's world. Firms, and freepeople. No tax. Instead of a centralized Police organization, protection roaming throughout regions, with overlaps of responsibility.

Firms, Freepeople, and Networking

When the whole society is ready, everywhere, against crime, very probably nobody would even imagine that they could really hit something and run away.

And run to where? When the whole region, the whole world is networked against crime.

Principle I: Fortify Your Own

Those who are indeed able to protect themselves, should do so, ready for contribution by hiring armaze-people as well as, if possible, developing personal capabilities.

Mainly, this is for firms, and/or forts, as relatively large buildings, or fortified-areas, affording their own armaze formations. The smaller buildings and freepeople may join resources, to have their relatively free-form forts, to found their armaze-formations. A fort is not necessary for an armaze, but it helps, when referring to your region, and responsibilities, and as a result, to get recognized by other armaze-formations, when extending your reach.

Each fort (whether large, or a union-of-smallies, and esp. firms), hires professional knights. No police organizations. No taxes for it. The firm that has more to protect, would like to pay more, for improving against potential threats, any way.

Principle II: Protect Those Around Yourself, Too.

An armaze formation, is there, also to protect the nearby residents - whenever that does not violate the first principle: Protect your own.

The first principle, would rarely, if ever, avoid helping others, though. No armaze-formation, would hire "only the least possible" amount of people, if serious about protection. How would they guess "the least that suffices," and avoid experiencing a grave shortage, at times of unexpected events, and/or when an armaze-person is ill, that day? Some margin of safety is needed. Therefore, there exists a tendency towards armaze-surplus, anyway.

A further motivation, for the firms, may be that the community may be less favorable to buy their goods and services, if they are not contributing their fair share of the resident armaze-formations.

A hadith (words and/or acts) of our prophet Muhammed (s.a.s.) fits here:

When you witness something wrong being done, if you can stop it with your hand, stop it. If you can speak against it, do so. If you can do neither, be against it within your mind/soul. If you do none, you are a satan without a tongue.

In my system, I would rather have, practically, all people like angels, not satans. And hereby, you see, even if you had not already thought of it, security issue is an important part of raising that society of essentially-angels.

This observation provides, in three levels, these advantages:

  1. Direct Intervention

    Helps keep peace and justice all around.

    We are speaking of people, the good people, too, who are READY to assert the rightful. That is, NOT the only active ones being the more-or-less evil ones who expect to gain some advantage by gathering a few bunch of aggressors. We are calling for turning the "silent majorities" into "ready for intervention."

  2. Warning the Offender and Alarming the Others

    When you cannot stop it with your hand, by directly intervening, even only speaking should not be discarded, if possible. Speaking may help warn those who are actually doing the offense(s) without really thinking about it.

    Even when that does not help, and the offender insists at it, having spoken may still help by taking the notices of others, and not only someone who can stop it may intervene when they hear the case, it can also act as an alarm for others' protecting themselves.

    Maybe we should also recall the bystander non-intervention literature in social psychology: When crowds exist, the responsibility-assuming for the witnessed crime gets lost, and really big crimes can be committed before the eyes f large groups of people.

    Speaking may break that "If nobody is doing anything, why should I?" inertia.

  3. Standing Against Brain-Washing

    Even when you can neither manually intervene, nor speak, even just objecting within your soul/mind (and, if applicable, maybe also debriefing your co-witnessing friends against that openly observed offense), still stands to be very valuable.

    From social psychological experiments, we know that people can be manipulated for attitude change by (subtlely) leading them to non-objection. (See the cognitive-dissonance and/or self-perception literature. Two competing theories for explaining such experimental,and every-day phenomena.

    You may start to convince (yourself), when not having intervened at the level of intervention you really knew you were able (manually, orally, or mentally), you may say "What comes of it? ..." and that sentence may soon be completed by blaming the victim(s), or assuming a renewed self-image of yourself, as accepting-of-evil-around, or probably both.

Principle III: Do Network!

Keeping in touch and getting organized through communication networks (e.g: the Internet). Then when at some locality, at a specific occasion, there is a shortage of armaze-people, the nearby armazes may help, with their surplus armaze-people.

Also, for communicating about run-away criminals, after some crime is committed.

The dynamics of armaze revolves around four points:

  1. Personal Records. (Signed.)

    All the public info about a person is kept in his public records.

    Here, this is especially useful to rate who are eligible as armaze-people.

  2. Event Records. (Signed.)

    Who has done what, when, where?

    When a crime, criminal, or suspect gets identified, these should be in the public records, appropraitely linked also with the person(s)'s public records, and with any relevant event records.

    As a rule of thumb: The records should be as public as the crime. Also, especially, the people who may later get into somee agreements/relationships with the criminal should have been warned enough about the case.

  3. Verifying Each Other: No Bullies.

    An armaze is against the crimes. This should never turn into "I have (paid for) the power. Therefore, I can bully the people around." In fact, that is what I point out. The bullies may always tend to organize, but it is when the good-people are forceful that, those bullies would stop. This is why armaze is.

    In other words, when/if the otherwise "armaze-people," somewhere, get into criminal domain themselves, the others must intervene against that, too.

    This may, at first, sound a bit hard to keep right. But think again.

    At any area, there may be many forts, large or small. And the only common denominator for the whole world, is possibly a shared ideal of fair act, justice. Punish those who deviate, and announce these in their public records, to prevent their passing as valid armaze-people, any more. This is enforceable by the rest of the people, who are ready, forcefully, throughout world-wide armazes.

    When everybody considers the results of letting such abuses go on, I expect, at some point, the wrongdoing-group will get shrunk by its (newer) neighbors in the course of expansion (even if any expansion, at all).

    For implementing a verify-each-other policy: Keep an eye on your immediate neighbors, then a bit less attention on the further neighbors, and so on. That is, every building is at the center of an area that it is checking all the abuses in it and communicates the observed abuses to others, too.

    Then, when some offense takes place, the offenders will be noticed by many such, overlapping circles. This may really be a deterrent against offenses.

  4. Organized Operations.

    When there is a major offense, there may be a need for the knights hired by several different entities to communicate, and act together. This also is needed when the geographical and/or (available-on-site) expertise limits are exceeded.

    Affirm protection for your roaming residents,
    around the world

    Track your residents wherever they are. If anywhere, they get lost, alarm the armaze-formations, around there, to find/protect them.

    Even the visitors are trackable, to ensure that they go far. i.e: If a visitor, who visits your residence, gets lost in a neighboring region, without reaching further, that is a case for your attention. Look for that person, and warn others, if they would pass through such untrustable neighbors'.

    An armaze is to affirm both ways. It affirms its resident to that remote area, and to its residents, it affirms the trustability of the remote areas, where trusted armaze-formations exist. The former is the case, also when transferring an arm-formation, with its explosives, and heavy arms, through other forts, where there are other armazes. A transfer is possible, only after every armaze in that path, has accepted the move. This is not so difficult, especially with the ideas I have discussed about representing. It is easy, and firm. As far as a fort does not have a reason to avoid that kind of transfers, it may authorize a further-level armaze-formation, to authorize them. If, for example, every armaze-formation on a road, authorize the same armaze to verify-and-authorize such transfers, then there is a single request needed for passing through that road. For example, when authorizing trucks of explosives, the armaze that may authorize them may have experts for verifying a variety of concerns about transfers-of-explosives.

    aforemaze: extended mazes, in time

    With cameras, everywhere around the region/fort, the travelers are registered. Then, if something is stolen, or somebody is kidnapped, all the registered scenes would help. Even when, a pocket-lifter may not get spotted, on scene, when such incidences get repeated, we are able to tell that, when that particular man is there, such incidences occur. This extends protection, in reverse time.

    An aforemaze is an armaze, gathering its information, from other armaze-people, after a need arises, finding that information as registered/recorded afore.

    i.e: We hear of the sound of the fallen tree, after we arrive the scenery. It is in the archives.

No torture in this system. Whatever may have been in the past, a world without torture is very well feasible. Everyone verifies each other, and every case is tracked in public (at least, public, for the armaze-people).

Employment of Armaze-People

As I have already stated, the armaze-people, every (employable) armaze knight, must have a good record, to represent a fort. It is a professional, public service, with a firm rule.

As I pointed out, the residents would consider it, most probably, as a public service of that firm. i.e: The public favors a firm, when it is contributing its fair share, in protecting itself, and protecting those around itself.

An armaze-person must also have whatever capabilities that are required, to actively contribute to that armaze-formation - physically, and/or with some relevant expertise (e.g: anti-bombs).

Nothing further specifies, when or where a person is employed for armaze. It depends on personal preferences, and the available armaze-jobs. It is very flexible.

Very possibly, the primary job-patterns of the freepeople, are relevant. For example, a person, may sometimes work for armaze, and at other times of the year, may work in his own farm or garden, or work as a computer programmer, etc. A computer programmer may work for an armaze, when neither implementing any projects, nor involved with support. Such job-shifts may serve as a mind-shift/refresh-time, or for developing new ideas.

At any region, or industry, there are possible (seasonal, or other reasons for) high-activity, times with a need for more armaze-people, against security threats.

Just keep eligible and you may always join an armaze. Period.

Every armaze-person, when employed/active, must fit the requirements of that armaze-formation. And at least some of the armaze-people, in any armaze-formation should always keep the active-networking with armazes elsewhere. (See the previous section, Principle III.)

armaze is no-place to employ satans

I value the principle of (the fourth khaliph of Islam) Ali (R.A.), for avoiding "ex"-tyrants. If some professional-crook was "previously" an abuser when he/she carried the "state authority" (e.g: an agent provocateur, and/or a witch-being, etc.), never let him/her to get in your team.

Technology advances, any way. No need to contain their "expertise," especially if that entails a need to maintain their evil-side, in stringent-check, too. The price may never be worth the meager utility. The reason why we avoid them, is the thing what makes them "important," if at all. It is to organize abuse, instead of anything useful.

I offer armaze as a firm rule, a high-principled existence. The firm-people, are supposed to know where to reject, too. Ony a "name likeness" would not do. Any valid armaze must firmly keep any principle of it, and we may never employ those who commit and/or let evil, [as a "job,"] when they can. e.g: When they worked in various branches of some tyrannical and/or corrupt state, as an agent-provocateur, a torturer and/or a witchcraft-technician.

Avoid such traits:

No Such Conversion.

A valid armaze may never employ such people, at all. If there is an extreme case of needed-technical-knowledge, or trench-wars, then a non-armaze task (a no-authority, isolated task) is possible, in an arm, or to learn what is needed, is an option. But never in an armaze. Never to let any opinion to their judgements, which is known to suck, any way.

Do not take it as a tip, even if you notice that a branch of tyranny starts to quarrel, or even kill, the other. That is no real pointer to any of such people to leave being evil, themselves. It might be a power-struggle to gain the supremacy of the evil order.

We target any proven-evil. In any case, though, if they may be concerned about each other's attacks, then any of them may tell us what they know about their concerns. i.e: They cannot "become" a member of our armaze team, but if they may warn about each other, we may investigate such. We may listen, if we may want to listen, what they want to tell/warn about.

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