Anti-Abuse Strategies

This page is aimed for remedy, in a world, where the sciences (and lobbies) add many tricks to the lists of ages-old manipulations.

Free People vs. The Tricky Means of Clans of Abusers An abuser may (attempt to) grab illegitimate advantages and/or hurt others, mainly through three separate means. A particular abuse may mix and match the three:

Know thy principles

We need firm ways for affirming our freedom, to avoid trouble, in all three levels.

Islamic rules may provide a resistance, the stability against a lot of wrongdoings. No matter what technology, or spirit, or clique attacks. Do not underestimate this.

For example, Islam orders, not to consume mind-numbing substances, such as alcohol and narcotics. As long as you only obey that rule, then by definition, there is no possibility of drinking whisky or wine, no matter what sort of satans urge you to do it.

i.e: No further need to formulate strategies, to resist the particular evil who/which urges you to commit the particular bad/evil crime. No further need, even to know much about the manipulation-scripts which may be going on.

Although a few points may appear as if complex, there are quite easy, and well-known rules-of-thumb in real life, to work them out, too.

help the needy, if ...

For example, Islam is positive for lending (money) to other muslims, and also positive to let the debtor keep it. In normal cases, these are good for public-welfare, but if a crook/witch manipulates the victim, it is a type of tricky larceny. Similarly, if the witch/crook, or his/her pals claim to owe money to someone, and ask your temporary-help or donations.

Other than such cases of extra need, the rules-of-thumb to whom to give money, would not let your shelling excessive money to a single person.

In theory, the trickery may appear unsolvable. In the real world, though, we may employ quite a few other worldly-sophisticated rules-of-thumbs, too. e.g: People would, quite naturally, consider the possibility of it being a lie, and would further verify the case, to avoid trickery (money-traps conspiracy), especially if that money-asker ...


I love Islam, and on this page, I offer principles from Islam, too. If your world-view is different, although we share the anti-abuse concerns, then reflect about your own needs, and preferences, and review your principles, in context of what I publish. The existence of this page, as a framework, may help, even to non-muslims, and even to those who object to the specific principles I publish. Verify your own case, with-respect-to this framework.

Invaders of the Inner World

It had been already an important part of Islamic knowledge to keep alert against [unheard] whispers (vesvese) of the satan(s). The modern technology and also the social sciences, unfortunately, duplicate that - through electromagnetism, etc.

This is where we would think ourselves alone. Nobody may seem around.

The Abuser Witch-Beings

Soul-shots, SLP. Humanity knew since millenia that genies could breach our privacy, and commit a variety of attacks. Since 1970s, the humanity also knows patented techniques (bio-psychological manipulations through electronics) to duplicate those genies phenomena.

Magnoon. A human, contacted (so called, "possessed") by some genies, is a magnoon (maj-noon), as known since millenia. With the availability of new technologies, we may extend the concept to mean any transgressions which show some effects at the victim.

Does magnoon mean "crazy" ? When a person is attacked, behavioral/personality-shifts, and/or obsessions-compulsions may be the noticeable side-effects. The possibility of onset of a schizophrenic-episode is about the personal inclination, of that magnoon.

Genies, Deadroids. Quran acknowledges the existence of genies. A deadroid is a genie, maybe the satan, which introduces itself as the "spirit of a dead person" - telling you lies, and even providing very private bits of information out of that specific dead-person's life. It is not the real dead, as such, but a "made-up" pseudo-existence of that dead. I refer to it, tongue-in-cheek, as a "deadroid," or dead-look-alike, in analogy to "androids" as human-look-alikes.

Witch-Beings. What sort of a human could be a trouble-maker witch-being? Some best-seller "witch" books may publish only home-science recipes, coupled with some garniture of paganism, and may even suggest principles-of-fine-act. But I point at the seriously catastrophical. Technologies, even patented electronical technologies, along with the (old-time) genies, can be tools to mess with a victim's privacy, to hurt, and maybe even to puppetize him/her.

The page about trouble-maker witch-beings, investigates such questions as:


A variety of poisons, may change our life [permanently], even when they may not kill [immediately]. e.g: swallowed-chemicals, bio-contaminated water-sources, GMO (genetically-tinkered) edibles, nuclear emissions, etc. Resistance-rates may vary, as even (swallowed) nuclear-waste, may hurt different people, at different rates.

e.g: It is no joke, when a poison (e.g: ergot-poisoning through cereal grains), may lead to hallucinations, or when a pill can block/wipe memory of events. Many phenomena exist. We may need to consider the poisoning as an alternative explanation, too, if the particular case is interpretable with only such. If we know the poison-source, we may get more concerned, to avoid it. e.g: What we eat, what gadget we use, etc.

Meet the Un-Credibles

People interact with other people. We evaluate, and we may prefer. Then, we may marry, work, vote, hire, fire, lead, advertise, etc. Informed-consent is required for honest relationships. But the abusers may attempt to manipulate their victims, through many traps-and-tricks - during the social, the so-called "mutual" exchanges.

Would Privacy-Breachers Enter Your Life?

Soul-shots, and/or deadroids may be bad enough, even when they mess "only" with your spirit. But it may get worse, if there is a person, out there, who wants to grab something, or build explosive-triggers in your personality, later to be used, in our real world - when the victim is in presence of other humans.

What next? Is such an attack, to puppetize the victim? Is it to steal his/her secrets? (e.g: Industrial spies, secret agents.) Will impostors be using those secrets? With such a low-ethics, as they breach privacies, what would they not do?

Bewitched. A trouble-maker witch-being may be out to grab your ideas, properties, yourself, etc. If he/she can fool you, that may be. It is beyond simple stomach-aches, if the victim notices that, yes, he was bewitched, and it was not only relevant to his/her health problems, but those witch-beings also stole his/her patentable ideas, projects, blackmailable points, etc. That is your social-existence, passwords, bank-accounts, etc. Those stealthy, privacy-breachers and especially with their installed puppet-triggers, may not necessarily keep dormant, ad infinitum.

Sexual Abuse. "Marriage"s or divorces, may be suggested, to grab the victim's money through "marriage," if he/she is rich. It is the very old case about the witch-beings, that they (attempt to) mess with marriages. (Quran acknowledges.) Such a bewitched "marriage," itself is a life-long rape, and theft. Period. Yet, with other cases, the varieties of the abuses, which may be triggered, or attempted, by the witch-beings may be quite "unlimited," especially if the targeted person is not (muslim) religious. One-night-stands, or even sex/gender-changes, may be suggested, by varieties of witch-beings. That might serve the personal lust of the witch-being, or he/she may sell the puppet as a ["gay"] prostitute, or simply it might be a chuckling-evil witch-party, to play evil games to trap people.

e.g: Islam avoids un-married sex, and features rules for fair-play (for sex, through marriage), too. To gather information about a prospective spouse, fortifies these, even further. Thereby, even a trouble-maker witch-being cannot easily, if at all, meet one-night-stands, or marry-at-whim, and/or urge a couple to get separated.

Industrial spywars, secret agents. We are informed that, especially after the cold-war (USA vs Soviets), the theft of business secrets (patents, project-plans, etc.), is big business. With the availability of soul shots, such crimes may know (almost) no limits. A victim, even without any privacy, and even if a victim of daily-24-hours puppetization-attacks, he/she may fight to protect his/her works. A thief is a parasite. There, the victim may own the advantage of his/her independence, even when the parasites may cling heavily. To resist, is made easier with enough wisdom, with good rules-of-thumb. For example, for the content I publish {here, at zElQarneyn's}, I have my flight-for-fight strategy. Others are possible, too. I continue my studies about these. I may publish yet other strategies/protocols, later.

To fall prey to such agents which breach his/her agency, the victim may not necessarily own a firm, with some successful history. In fact, in a world, where most people attend schools/universities, where they may demonstrate their imaginative potential, the little fish at school can be exactly mouth-watering, too.

After-Away; Immortal... Everybody is immortal, in the other world. But the phenomena of unrotting-corpses, and visitors who visit, after they were away, extends the term to this world, too. An irrelevant claim is the so-called re-incarnation, though. Deadroids may play with such ideas, to trick people. Whom should we refer to, as an immortal? Everybody? An unrotting corpse? A visitor? Could charlatans abuse naive people with these concepts? The page After-Away; Immortal... is with a few answers, to such questions.

Social Psychological Manipulations

Social psychological textbooks may especially suggest ways to trick people (attitude change), and to avoid such. They would help, but they would not always suffice, as this page may have suggested, already. A potential abuser may employ a variety of tricks, in combination. Read them, but keep your attention here.

When I pull ahead, with Islam, the referred research includes human-existence. In the today-speak, Islam is a comprehensive-paradigm to prefer how we may organize our acts, throughout many fields (social-, physio-, cognitive-, abnormal-, health-, etc.) of psychology.

I refer to social-psychological terms, too. These may help as indices for your reading those textbooks, if they serve, at least, the way the phosphor-marker-pen I used, had helped my reviewing, re-reading them.

Do Not Stay Alone. Keep Company (At Least Three Friends)

A hadith (the reported words or acts) of our prophet Muhammed (s.a.s.) (suggests, to travel/stay at least three friends together, not to be alone (for any significant amount of time). When alone, the satan [& Co.], may whisper (SLP, vesvese), to shape your thoughts. When only two friends, the satan may attempt (fitna) to tangle, and test your weak-points, against each other, to invoke problems, bitterness. When three or more friends, the satan is exhausted/incapable.

This is a remedy for our spirits, and our friendships. This works, when three friends are together, in a way that does not degenerate to two , or one. A variety of hadiths relate to this, as I interpret. i.e: A group may degenerate to one (groupthink), if nobody corrects the faults of any other, everybody keeps silent, or even nods/applauds the wrong. What we should do is to, offer the good acts, and warn about the sins, and waste.

A group may degenerate to two/subgroups/cliques, if some of them blindly side with each other, without concern about whoever is right - because of a prejudice (kibr), need-to-dominate, or special interests. Instead, the third, and more, friends, should point to the objective mistakes of their friends, when they intervene to reconciliate/compromise. Avoid any overall person-labels - unless maybe, it is about the traits associated with the particular case. After all, If some of the the opponents were never good, such a bad person overall, why should we let him/her join as a friend, any way? Keep company with people who are fine - even if they may have errors, too, but does not oppose/insist when warned and explained.

i.e: When conflicts surface between two, the third and more people are expected to intervene, and tell each of the argumenters, about the wrong points, to avoid stabilized-conflicts, and to avoid escalation of mutual attacks. This is probably easy, if the friends are fine people.

Record your transactions

Also suggested by hadith(s). A shield against forgetting all or part of the agreed upon. And thereby, against fitne.

Do Not Over-Rely On "Trusting"

Do not tax other people's benefit-of-doubt too much. Be clear about your transactions, and daily actions. Hadith when with wife (veiled): "This is my wife" the people who are there, respond "We trust you." He responds "..."

SocPsy: An over-reliance on trust, is not always a good sign, any way. Keep in mind that, it is the charlatans/quacks who may benefit most, if being trusted. Why should we strain people's trust to us? In case of any doubt, even if your innocence is re-verified, people may keep the doubts. But if most of your transactions and relationships were already openly verifiable/verified, little doubt may get stuck. An inherent quarantine of social-fitne, both within the person's records, and throughout his/her relationships. In summary: Do not rock the boat. Find a point of convenience/compromise for yourself , in enjoying other people's trust. Or otherwise, to recover it may be more problematic, e.g: if an impostor, or yourself invoke a problem, or even when innocent.

Ali (R.A.) (Or, was that a hadith, reported by Ali (R.A.)?): "Do not trust your secrets to your friends [too much]. You do not know what will happen in the future."

What Next?
Chain Reaction: Don't Let It Start With You!

What next? Does a puppetized person become a tool to hurt others? e.g: If those people who we vote, later get controlled by witch-beings (the antichrist, or whoever), or if they conspire with illegitimate clans, how may we defend our rights?

It is no goodness to let abuses go on, let alone to start them. e.g: If you let plagiarism be granted a Ph.D., would you not own a share of the guilt of that un-credible (fake) license? When the witnesses keep silent, what should the rest of the society do? Such other people may not even know about the case, let alone knowing what to do, to avoid him/her.

Establishment Manipulators.

In this section, we discuss mainly the structural oppressions - whether it is even ever noticeable. For example, the deals cut by illegitimate lobbies, may shape your life - know it, or not. That is a case about abuse, too. Even when a person is not coerced to do anything, it is about lost preferences, any way. It is about stolen opportunities, by those who manipulate the publicly gathered taxes/resources.

If there is a societal/environmental, probably [semi-]secret, abuse, then even when we are exactly good citizens, our (own) existence may be effectively out of (our own) control. Biases about opportunities, suboptimal "service"s, bigoted officials, etc.

As outsiders, the rest of the people may have no preference, except to protest, or fight, to get a share of those public resources.

It appears, the concept of "to fight" to get a share, is quite elastic. World-wide, it may mean furious campaigns to get the (democratic) votes, and next to (attempt to) apply state-reform, or it may mean bloody [civil-]wars, or it may mean litigations, and/or it may mean immigrations (coupled with any of the others).

The situation can get much worse, in countries where human rights may be shaky. There, those who grab the public seats, even when a minority by population, they may tyrannize the rest of the society, through guns, courts, and money-fines to crush human rights, and faiths, with even invented/projected "crimes" that the oppressed "could potentially" do.

Underdogs, higherdogs, etc.

The individuals-respecting world-view I suggest, offers advantages, for such "underdogs," too. I write about a few of such, in this section.

Women: Education and Research

About half of the world population is female. The gender-bias issue - that, either "scientific enterprise is male" or it is managed with the male-dominance - suggested me writing about Women: education and research, within the education system.

The issue is a hint, too. It points out that, not everything is equal-opportunity, out there. The gender-bias issue, suggests the existence of other such possible biases, or lobbies, too. That means, some people win, some people lose, although it is not always fair. The walking-paths are not equally paved, although resources are gathered centrally. i.e: It both deserts individual-initiative, but next, it also leaves the opportunities to cancerous lumps, that grow within the body of the "publicly-owned" organizations. Those lumps build alternate, illegitimate benefits-sharing, out of public pockets.

The world-view I suggest, is relief for the victims of both tyranny, and neglect.

Conspiracies: Illegitimate Clans, through Organizations

What is discussed as an issue about women, in fact points out the existence of an establishment-of-abuse, out there. In other words, if a person, because she is with her gender, gets posts later, if ever, then this might, more subtly, be the case, about other, possibly less-acknowledged criteria, too.

In most societies, people do not always control, or even know, who may influence their lives, indirectly - through secret links to public posts. A clan may be organized ethnically and/or through other interests. In an individualized, free world we may not need any concerns about clans, unless they commit crimes. We have our own intrinsic ways to work through markets. But in a world where the public taxes get collected, if a clan's (illegitimate) links, let share the public posts, to grab the management of the collected taxes, then it is a third type of interaction. It is community-parasites, at top.

I identified three major categories that undermines what you would expect a "hierarchy of experts," or a company hierarchy, to follow. The major threats, to such centralized organizations, may possibly be:

  1. Secret societies, brotherhoods, ethnicities.

    This is essentially, bribery out of public pockets. If a clerk favors his/her co-member in a secret society (e.g: a masonic brother), and vice versa, then it means a pool of bribery, each of them contributing with their own controlled-resources, wherever they hold a position.

    Ethnicities may be noticeable, but even that can get out of control. A single ethnicity, even a minority, out of a town, may dominate a full state, as a tyranny. e.g: Saddam had his military with Ticrit people. Other rumors, or observed cases, exist elsewhere, too.

    The stealthy, secret societies, may (attempt to) get hold, through mutual-favoritism, too. Unless they get identified, and acted against.

  2. Witchcraft.

    The superior (boss, etc.) gives a raise/promotion. To whom? To the most-deserving? Ther is a possibility that, he/she might have been influenced, "through his gut feelings" to promote that other employee. Such a case may be especially important, in cases where the higher positions may be assumed as "gurus" and people cannot know, objectively, whether those people manage appropriately. You cannot judge a promotion, nor the promoted, thereafter. For example, what are the criteria for an advertisement-agency upper-management? If that is not so clear, a witch may become an advertising-agency vice-president, through soul-reading/writing. Do it about his/her own position, and/or use it as bribery to promote someone who would later help him, in return.

  3. Homosexual Males.

    After all, if the women are having problems, because of the male-dominance, then we should turn the spotlights on to such cancerous developments within the male-population. The sort of policies such as "don't ask, don't tell" may especially worsen the problem, because, now, you cannot casually notice that homosexuals keep promoting each other to higher posts.

State Mechanisms

A state-mechanism may have both of the face-to-face (social-interactive) and diffuse (environmental) relationships with the people. Hopefully, they would avoid being tyrannical-and/or-corrupt. But we find many varieties of power abuses, almost everywhere in the world, as reported by organizations such as HRW, human rights watch.

A citizen is in a jail, "at large," if the establishment is heavily manipulated. In such a place, many aspects of freedom may be effectively inapplicable.

A (techno-)witch-trouble is without any legitimacy, and no state can allow it, at all. It is not anything about a state, except to avoid it. The internal-freedom, the freedom of thoughts is even more important than freedom of expression. Without freedom-of-thoughts, even humanity is not there, let alone democracy. As far as possible, a state may/must avoid thoughts of people (citizens, and visitors) from being breached by attackers. e.g: An armaze, or state, may set anti-waves shelters, to avoid electromagnetic attacks.

Fake Credibility

Many large companies produce for states. A software bug, whether in office-software, or in microcode within a war-machine, could breach the state-security, too. Not to mention the economic values, in context of industrial espionage. Who verifies the personnell? In presence of massive hierarchies, the "little fish," even when he/she/they notice(s) some abuse, may have little to do, or even to prove. e.g: Where to report to? Who verifies that, in turn? How to prove bribes? etc. etc. It is not only paranoid, but true, too. Read news.

Bribery, Traitors. Bribes, along with other sorts of traitorship, breach the expected functionality and/or security in a state mechanism, and/or in large companies. Various clan-memberships, may effectively count as bribes, too, when they bring illegitimate advantages.

Fake Licenses. A type of abuse, out of other people's pockets, is to grant fake licenses. It is especially catastrophical, where such licenses may be the final word about assumed credibility, and very especially so, with the larger licenses, which may shoot a person to higher posts. The availability of such fake licenses may be through various means. e.g: A neglected plagiarism, could provide it. The jury members must keep serious about such. There, various types of bribery is a concern, too.

What is Worth-to-Pay? Who is to Evaluate?

The first idea, against such conspiracies, traitors, and fake-licenses, is to establish what is worth-to-pay, as precisely as possible. e.g: Who is worth to hire, with what age, when to promote, what to pay for that, etc. It begs the manipulations of the so-called "social engineers." It is complex, and its vagueness (not well-defined aspects), may let the manipulators capitalize on - again.

As an analogy, a cashier who truncates the sums, when he/she pays to those he/she does not like, but pays it as rounded-up, when he/she pays to those he/she likes. At cash-register, this may be trifles, but the similar of it, would introduce bias, in organizations, when seats get allocated. Out of whose pocket is that?

If we pay the town, to get our garbage processed, I consider that face-to-face, as we know who does what, and we are possibly in charge of several preferences with it. We vote the mayor, he/she manages the personnell, we may even have options about when or how our garbage is picked and/or processed. i.e: An abuse may not be essential even with centralized states. But, quite a few clans do abuse, any way.

A Remedy

Alternatively, with the world-view I suggest here, at zElQarneyn's, the worth-to-pay, does not have to evaluate (overall) a full person, as a prospective personnell, for a (relatively) long-term, seat. Instead, it is only for the next bit of service the consumer prefers. This is the more versatile alternative.

This has improved resistance against manipulations, too, as a result of the necessity of repeating the abuse everytime there is a transaction. e.g: For education, the way I suggest, each lecture-hour, when you consider whether you should attend another lecture, by that lecturer, you, as the consumer, evaluate your own options. In such a case, would a witch try to convince each attendee, for each next lecture-hour? Imagine this, in a full market, with a lot of lecture possibilities. It is not a hit-the-position-and-run case, where a student has nothing to do, after the state has assigned a worthless lecturer, to stay there, throughout all your existence in that educational institution.

Similarly, investing in projects, rather than in companies, is such an idea, that I have discussed, already. Each next time, that you invest, you have your alternatives - including other investment proposals by other project teams. Even from within an established, long time, institution, with their valuable-standards, you may, at any time, prefer this project team, but not that other.


Such flexibility, and the results-driven thinking, keeps your attention on your wins, instead of trying to identify the criteria when you would assign people to posts - where they may stay, possibly for decades. Therefore, the idea of a state-driven economy/hierarchy is not a favorable idea - where the payment, and the consumers are different entities. (Receiving feedback from the people/consumers is possible, but then, you are starting to adopt what I tell, albeit, in a way of pool-the-resources-first-consider-the-options-later, that I do not prefer, unless it is really necessary. e.g: When buying a jet-fighter.)

Conclusion: An Empire, Unless We Notice

Islam informs people, that the reason for human existence, in this world, is the test - on the road to heaven, or hell.

Fitne. The most difficult test-questions occur in times of fitna, the chaotic times, when multiple alternative paths exist, and it is not trivial to find out where the true relief is. The armageddon is such a forced-choice, good vs. evil, when the antichrist (ed-deccal) begets chaos, in the world.

Bad, Evil, or Worse

We are informed, through Islam, that the satan wants us to go to hell. In worldly terms, this means, it urges us to commit sins, including the ultimate sin of, losing faith. For example, satan urges us, to consume alcohol, commit adultery, kill, steal, neglect compulsory prayers, etc.

At the very least, the satan would like you to waste your (spare) time, to avoid your earning positive heaven-points (sewab).

Such attacks, by the satan(s), may have been bad enough, but the situation is probably worse, when there may exist some human(s) at the other side, that is, when the attack is by some human(s). I think it can be worse, because such an evil person may both subscribe to any of the anti-faith tactics of satans (e.g: if he/she has such an urge, to spread his/her own faithlessness, enjoys messing with it), and he/she may combine this with his/her this-worldly human-being'ness, too.

e.g: Satan could not make use of your money, but a human could spend it. This is an important problem, because the suggested money-transfer need not be a sin, and therefore, noticing it as a possible-soul-manipulation, only with principles that stop the sins, is more difficult. It helps, if your principles include avoiding excesses, and suggest making optimal investments of your resources, whether you aim for this-worldly earnings, and/or for the other-worldly.

Anti-Abuse: Internal Resources

When the abuses target the mind or body of a victim, without anybody seen out there, we must first find out the source of the problems, and/or we must formulate [preventive or relief] strategies to fight against [a variety of] abuses.

The Islamic rules are very fine resources, even when we are not aware that there is a stealthy abuse/manipulation going on. e.g: No adultery, no alcohol, no killing, no stealing, etc. (Know Thy Principles)

With our armor, these fine rules-of-thumb, even without extra energy, we are fine. Furthermore, we are ready to fight, too, if any attack occurs. A ready force, and armor, supplement each other.

After/if we spot the culprit, the case may be assumed as a social-interactive attack, and we may fight against the evil, with our tuned strategies, too.

We are concerned about the net effect. That is, if some functionality of either of your body, soul, and even past-private-thoughts, get under control of some intruder, then we consider it as an attack, an abuse. Who cares, if, for example, they learn about your past thoughts, not through the genies, but with a (future?) technology that traces the old-times ELF-waves, throughout the space/atmosphere? To the extent they breach our privacies, it is evil. Any such thing must be stopped and punished.

Immanent Justice. As a point to note: Allah works out His way, too. Although the final punishment is in hell, it turns out that, Allah already intervenes in many phenomenal cases, where the victims were not able to avoid the trickery - and possibly, have not even noticed the existence of the wrongdoings.

Ready for Heaven on Earth, on the Road to Heaven

Through Islam, Allah informs people about the heaven. If you love it, as I do, even other than the scenery, then why not start living a similar life, here, on earth, too?

In fact, that is both feasible, and furthermore it is the sort of life that would contribute to your higher-standing both in heaven, and while your stay in this world, too. This is the result of, knowing, and exercising, the Islamic rules, especially with the systems I suggest - as direct mappings of the Islamic first age, to the twenty-first century.

Spouses look only at each other. No urge to grab other people's properties. (i.e: no material-jealousy.) Friendly neighborhoods (except the separation, of the heaven-roaders vs hell-siders, with their life-styles, in this case, on earth, it is also a separation, even if living in the same town.)

Appendix A: Real World Examples of Abuses

Fake Licenses: Plagiarism, etc.

copycat82 involves malice. It is [potentially] catastrophical, in such a field, "software analysis," with such a fault-prone "method". There is also the plagiarism, and it also commits an immense number and variety of errors, although it pretends to be a Ph.D. study, in the very field of software-verification. Who verified that?

The Ph.D. title granted to copycat82, the un-credible Ph.D., sends alarm waves, in at least three ways:

The situation of the jury is awkward, and I felt obliged to include an article to discuss the ways to combat against manipulations when we make important evaluations. For more about the conspiracy, click here.

Forum: . . (Fair Menu . . . . . Fault Report? . . . . . Remedy for your case . . . . . Noticed Plagiarism?)

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