A Maze, with Freedom, for a Re*education

A re*formation (or, re*education) is for your fun, and for (repeatedly) improving.

The '*' (asterisk) of re*formation (read as re-[star-]formation), is to mean, formation-improvement (education), whether for a first-time, or for re-iterating a mastery - when fond of it, for whatever type of reward.

Formaze is a road to travel, with your appetite and abilities, for any reward, e.g: for ...

Any (formaze) form is a formal-presentation, or a laboratory-work. With easy, little forms (an hour, if that), form your own future - little by little. Every next time. Ready. Go.

Free people, each may prefer (form-maze) differently. Any formazer may offer a form. The other (formaze-)people may take notice of that when arranging their time.

For example, if there are fifty formaze announcements, even if the main area of preference is "food," different people may prefer, ...

a free-market

Formaze is a free-market. The more favored formazer, may find more people, the next time when he/she announces a form. As a result, although there are no formaze titles (static-positions) such as a "teacher," or a "professor," there are the anticipators of earning money, at a rate that we may refer to him/her as a "professional" formazer.

free-people (inherently) regulate any achievement-rating

A formazer may also rate/test people, but that is another thing, unrelated to a form. The rating-people are responsible for what they rate, ratify, or reject. A rating is never anonymous. It is instinctive that we, the free-people, may prefer a rating from a rater who was right with his/her/their former evaluations/endorsements. Any prospective employer/contracter of a (formerly) rated-person, may reflect about that rater (rating-authority), too. This is how, a rater is the more, or the less credible. It is not a title. It is an accumulated-respectability, or the vice versa, as perceived by the recipients of that rating-information - through informaze (relationship, media) and/or through records.

Although they may overlap, the informaze and records are different. Records are only a type of first-information, where people announce information with their own name, as the reference. e.g: In records, people may publicize a (paid-for) rating himself/herself, and/or let the agency who/which issued that rating to publicize it.

A rating is a flash-photo

With formaze, it is smooth to

formaze & firmaze

If the aim is to improve for a firmaze, the requested is either

With a fine research idea, the right form may foster the former request. This is repeatable forever - or for a time of living, proper. Any arising question may relate to a few forms. The fine thing with formaze is that, we are never stuck with the wrong-educational-institution. Even when the lecture-hour was awful/useless, we may simply avoid that lecturer, any more. No other problem.

To protect any right (copyright, patentable, etc.), with a fine ownership-policy, is preferrable, though. A little doubt, is fine - in a world, with less than perfect people. (e.g: a flight-for-fight)

formaze & aforemaze (or, armaze)

An aforemaze is for detective work (from within the registered records of armaze), around the World. An investigation may pop up foreign (here-to-fore unknown) concepts. The availability of formaze, may afford easy integration of any foreign information. A form, or two, may iron out, the "what does that mean?" syndrome - or, at least, afford a fine (a really understood, and verified) maze, out of that information.

Further Reading

For know-how, formaze and informaze, fit together. For everyday information, whether from media, or from (other) friendly-people, informaze is there, as a way of receiving information, rather than any arrangement for a mastery of a field.

Formaze is to reform the formal-education, for freeing the people, with a return to what they are made for (by Allah) - instead of bury them with a big-bad education system, which was the case in 2002. Education in an Ex-state.

For an example-remedy I may offer, please read ...

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