infirmaze, for a med-ed

A med-ed is a formaze, around a medicinal framework. A form titled "Intro. to lung-anatomy" does not differ for a medic, a patient, or for a relative of a patient. This does fit the double-duty term medic, as a physician, and also, a med-student (or, intern).

There are infinite varieties of medical-achievement (& education), . Keep improving in any direction, that you feel ready and willing - and function, at the (authorized) mastery-level. To attend a form, fulfill what is needed (if any), for it. e.g:

Professional Recognition - pulsing forward, little-by-little

Each time, it is a single-hour lecture. Until a threshold is passed, it is as a hobby-learning (edutainment), or for personal/friend/family needs. (cf. The reason why AMA Family Medical Guide is published, and bought. It is useful. Such a non-professional person need not pass tests. But, testable, and it is a good starting point, for example, for a starter's level, overall knowledge of the medical field. The "stopping point" does not exist - as far as development continues, and there are always, yet other things to learn. Yet, at some point, a person may get a variety of licenses, and finance one's own (medical) education, thereafter, with his/her medical knowledge.


A med-ed, is for-yourself, too. It is a remedy, when needed - reminiscent of the first-aid kit, or the over-the-counter drugs you keep at home: vitamins, pain-killer, etc.

For example, if you have a diabetes-prone family, there is your affinity to invest your time&money (little-by-little) for learning how to deal with diabetes - whether only for yourself, or as a (paid) medic (at the level of your achievement, as authorized), too.

what goes around, ...

(For example,) If learning first-aid, the potential utility is also for the people around. A research finding: That (by-stander) who knows how to, may actually help, too. Others may walk away. He/she may help when needed. It is a public-pool of first-aid. i.e: If those people who want to learn it, are aided to learn it, then there is the higher probability of immediate, well-qualified help, when-if a friend-or-family may get hurt.

a maze, for referral

If an examination may highlight a finding that may suggest further testing, it is very easy, to find next to it, a list of the (nearest) people (or, laboratories) who may examine that case. i.e: The patient is not limited with the expertise of the immediate medic there. A medic is an infirmaze-rep, an entry to the wide-world of infirmaze.

A referral-guide is for any med-ed people - whether expert, or novice. Any remedy, human-organism-type, and symptom, is an index (as the "see also" linker). Each symptom is a tip, to pinpoint the problem, with the co-occurrable symptoms.

For example, any people, who are authorized to deal with that stomach-problem must already know that if that extra symptom is there, they must refer the patient to an expert. i.e: The expertise (e.g: about cancer) is not needed, but a recognition of the possibility, is needed - to get authorized.

The point is to link information. There are varieties of published info, and we may link them, with new linking varieties, too. e.g: Every (various probability) source or target of the symptom get listed, too. e.g: a bad-tooth? a blood/lymph-systematic problem?


Any ratifier (or, rater) is free to ratify (or, rate) people, around any framework, as any authority had defined it. e.g: headache-expert, eye-surgeon, or PTSD-therapist.

For example, to what extent, is biochemistry needed? What specific topics of biochemistry, are needed for a headache-expert, vs. for an eye-surgeon? The respective authorities would define it. Every module is defined by an authority, too.

Field-mastery. Fulfill-the-needed, and get rated, little-by-little.

Modules, learnable incrementally, or alternatively. To learn them all, "as-soon-as possible," (to get a big title), may send S.O.S. in a lot of cases, though. Notice the heavy financial burdens a medical student has to withstand, the amount of loan so often they go under. However, with the early mastery, if authorized little-by-little, the medic may earn money, with applying what he/she is already authorized for - financing his (further) med-ed, for a life-time, as education&achievement re-inforce each other.

e.g: Feed the ill, make injections, sew, diagnose digestion-problems, do brain surgery, etc. To get ratified as a brain surgeon, no need to know the possible intricacies of feeding the ill. Therefore, people may optimize their path, without it, if only interested with the title "brain surgeon."

Levels of first-aid. More minor work, after a single hour, or two. A more advanced treatment, may take even years. e.g: For an emergency-room doctor, "first aid" may cover anything that medicine may relate to. But this is not an excuse to insist avoiding a recognition of the levels attainable by even a child, to perform first-aid. Learning first-aid, is not all-or-none.

a researcher, as an authority

An inventor (or, explorer) of a remedy, may define a framework, too. It is to foster the finest-release of that remedy. e.g: a drug-researcher (or, a farmazer) may define how that drug (or, food) is finest-delivered. At the end, the net worth of a remedy, is the potential-plus-delivery. It does make sense, that the drug-producer would point at ratified people, to foster the real-world worth of that produced drug (or, food).

Microsoft, Sun/Java, etc. do it for their product-range (certification for the programmer, the net-administrator, etc.), and drug companies distribute drug-literature. A ratified-medic, is a firmly-enforced, finer way.

Further Reading

Islam is not a health movement, but Islam and Health, is for real - as a bonus, to those who live with it. That is an indirect path to health-knowledge, for the faithful.

An infirmaze is for welfare, the right way.

2002. Craving $Health, in an Ex-state

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