A maze, with freedom, for Welfare

An infirmaze (infirm-maze), is a firm-remedy for any infirm-people (old, ill, retired, etc.), or for any human (to avoid risk). A recipe from R-world, to have welfare right.

infirm & firm

A firmaze is to earn. An infirmaze is to avoid losing. The two fit firmly together. A formula that may only re-inforce itself, with a finer-rendering, at every iteration.

People may prefer from among the varieties - whether to buy a detergent (for washing the dishes), or to avoid the risks of an inherited (or, chronic) disease, etc. Next, if an expectation is not met, the response is either a firm-reaction, or an infirm-reaction.

Further Reading

I infer that the original sin was an attempt to "guarantee" what was either not needed (if they were already immortal), and/or not allowed by Allah (if they were meant for a limited time). To "ensure" welfare, people attempt it, again.

An infirmaze is the right way to have welfare.

It is to avoid the problems which existed in 2002. Craving $Health, in an Ex-State.

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