what is a reaction?

It is the difference of a real internalization vs. obedience. The latter may trivially subside, when that authoritarian entity, which obliged the obedience, is not there.

There are mainly four varieties of (legitimized) reaction (increasingly rough)

  1. (minor) infirm-reaction. knee-jerk reflex, if not chicken-run.
  2. infirm-reaction. is to avoid tyranny/abuse. Do not help the evil.
  3. firm-reaction. is to arrest, or fight, to get your right. Stop the evil.
  4. (major) firm-reaction. war, deep-seated hostility.

The two excesses would not count as any valid "reaction." They may be the sides of an oppressive world, e.g: with tyrannical-and/or-corrupt state-systems. We avoid them.

For R-world, the middle-four, or the very-middle two, are the wanted. i.e.

Any reaction is firm. The firm-or-infirm, is about the relationship, in the aftermath.

The four may resembe each other. e.g: An infirm-reaction may appear as a chicken-run, even when it is very-well planned hostility, firmly opposed to the existence of the oppressor. e.g: to shift taxes (& services) to other countries, and to cripple a tyranny.

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