The Original Sin

Even without an urgent need, people may try to "ensure" a later "well-being," and to get that, they may neglect even what Allah, the Omnipotent, had ordered them (not) to do. That is, the original sin was to yield to an evil-"solace," (in order) to cure a presumed weakness. That erratically assumes an ability to override the wish of Allah.

What was the original sin? As we know: Adam (a.s.), and his wife, were in heaven, with no problems there, but they ate the fruit, "to guarantee an eternal (infinite) life" - as the satan told them that. Obey evil, vs. Allah?

yet again?

How may we translate it to the terms that we know today, so that we may avoid it?

The usury (or, interest), and (violent, militant) communism/socialism appear to be two examples - at the opposite sides. The usurer lends money, and obliges an (ensured) interest-payment - instead of work it, and own the risk. The communist, may want to "guarantee" welfare, but with chains, to make all the people oblige.

With Islam, both usury/interest, and theft/grabs, were outlawed. i.e: In the very world we live, we witness the original sin, committed every day, again, and yet again.

is it inherited?

I find that what I express here, as a muslim, about the original sin is within the range of what (some of the) christian-theologians have (also) expressed. I acknowledge that,

who, or what, may free the people, from it?

Jesus (a.s.), Muhammed (s.a.s.), and any (real) prophet (of Allah), are helpful with

An honest pledge (tevbe) not to commit that sin again, is good to negate most sins, too. But do not attempt to play games against Allah, as He knows your every thought, and your future, too. To commit sins is not as gainful as keeping good, for a few reasons

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