A maze, with freedom, for Food, from Afar

A farmaze is for raising food, the way people favor it. From farm to table, or vice versa. To avoid the problems of 2002. What [not] to Swallow, in an Ex-state.

A farmaze (farm-maze) is a remedy, for many people, to

For example, even a family may raise their food, afar, with many options. For any listed function, farmaze is a free-market, to find any resource, and to reduce risk.

forward, on a road, mid-way

Think ahead, what to raise/get, next. i.e: It is a world-wide move, an act where every food-nibble is to march to the order of their favorite-master, to turn to a piece of his/her existence, whether to enmesh as a muscle, or as an extra energy for work.

To manage every phase of it, is easy with little pulses - the batches of food may get forwarded to a freezer, nearer and nearer, until they facilitate a recipe. From the farm afar, to where the owner is living (or, visiting).

A freezer, may preserve the food. Next to it, the finest, I think, is a restaurant where very fine/minute quantities are manageable. (A pharmacologist may fit that pattern, too.) Next, at any turn, until the final consumption, the product goes to a freezer, again.

For example, people may forward their tomatoes to a restaurant, and next, they return as tomato-paste. For ketchup, let the restaurant provide the extra material (to make that ketchup), or the tomato-owner may forward them, too. Repeat that, for oil, soap, pizza, flour, milk, or any recipe.

For each batch, any machine/tool is afresh. i.e: No nibble of a food from any other people get mixed with any other. This constraint is probably relaxable, if that machine processes only with certain constraints, already. e.g: Never process anything with a GMO in it. People themselves, may think about what to tolerate.

for money (more)

Farmaze is for money, too - whether as an investment area, or as an afterthought, when there is a surplus. Every little tomato-paste bottle, may get to the free-market of farmaze - as we already rate/ratify them for any health-concern.

Optionally, we may rate/ratify for any aromatic, or other quality, too. But most people would not request that extra type of rating, for most varieties of food, and it may cost an extra fee. It is only yet another option, easy to introduce with farmaze, though, whenever the buyer may want it.

inherent protection

To rate/ratify, is fine for our environment, as well as for our continued fulfillment. Therefore, this is for armaze to regulate. This is very well fitting to a firm-residence of an armaze. The firm, together with its armaze, owns that responsibility - as verified by the adjacent armazes, too. People would know it world-wide, through armaze, farmaze, firmaze and informaze. Therefore, a firm, would probably never pollute at a town, next to get away, and work elsewhere.

thinking for a zone ...

To zone, is fine for

An inherent-insurance, against catastrophes - for real, rather than an (insurance/tekefful) agreement, with "virtual" presumptions, which would trust the honesty, and competency of the participants to care about their risks. In an insurance/tekefful agreement, it is left to an estimate of "what-disasters-may-hit" - if not altogether accept the state of the other participants, with equal pay.

With farmaze, it is no estimation. It is a free-form maze, ready-to-go even with very few people, together. You do not need thousands of people to share the risk. A farmer may zone with his/her friend. i.e: Two is enough, although a zillion is fine, too. A farmaze-zone is the right way to do risk-management - at any phase, whether to raise, or to freeze/manage the food/yield.


Any function, or resource, is by itself. A farmazer may provide it himself/herself, while preferring to farmaze, for any other.

e.g: A farm-owner, may or may not zone, as he already owns a farm. He may need the other functions/resources, though. With farmaze, he may rent a region of his farm, and with that money, pay for those other needs.

If a farmazer wants to do what he/she does not know how to do, a formaze (re*education) form, or two, may foster that knowledge.

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