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... for food

Your food-related wishes, are to flourish for real, with a farmaze - whether your favorite farmazer is resident at the web (www/internet), or at the market next to your home, or wherever. Find there, from around the world, from among the listed,

A farmaze is a framework/theme for firm-finance. Any farmazer may refine that framework, to fit his/her wish-list, a finer framework, through any finance-tool of Islam:

A finance-percentage is fine, as far as each financer does find that financed-framework, fit for his/her wish-list (i.e: to his/her every important concern). For example,

e.g: To zone is fine. To pool your finance/resource with other people, may further reinforce that. The financer-people, for a multi-zoned plan, rent together, next to share all the produced. It is advantageous against catastrophes, and/or for plant variety, at a finer amount - for example, to rent together, an area where there are lemon-trees, when the owner would not (or, cannot) rent only a tree, or two.

A moo-duh-rah-beh is termed as a framework, too. i.e: For a revenue-maximization, a financer may wish to specify only what really does concern him/her, and let the rest, for a firmer to manage. (A firmer is a firmazer/farmazer, the moo-duh-rah-beh agency.)

For a flexible framework, there is no need to lump a farm and farm-work, together. It is about concerns.

e.g: If concerned about his farm, a farmer, may reserve the right for good plant rating - i.e: non-GMO, and without plant-hormones-abuse, etc. i.e: The farm-rent does not necessarily hire him, but must necessarily keep the farm in good condition.

e.g: If a family is concerned, to employ that specific farmer, they may only moo-duh-ra-beh, and let him rent/zone anywhere - and he may prefer to rent a piece of his farm, for that, too. The moo-duh-ra-beh is termed to let this, rent-from-himself.

firmaze, for any phase

A farmazer may frame any phase, as a(n independent) firm/project.

An investor, may firmaze/farmaze for any phase, and keep company with a few - until any time. e.g:

An investor, should watch out for the market.

As an investor, you may choose not to take the risk of farm-production, droughts, seasonal price fluctuations, etc. But once collected, and can be loaded on to a truck, you may be willing to invest into it. As the new owner, who buys the yield from the producers, the risks of the phase you choose may be accidents on the road, daily price fluctuations (if any) in the market, etc. If you carry only to some storage-house (freezer, etc.), and sell there, the only risk you have accepted is the on-the-road part.

In short: In Islamic transactions, everything need be clearly understood and pretty tangible. An abstract concept like "(partial) risk-takers" may lead to confusion.

a fair-share

For investors, the yield throughout the lands can be sold and money shared by the percentages in the agreement. Little or no problem.

Yet, there is an extra concern, for those (consumer) people, who want to eat what they produce and give to friends, etc. If all the produced is shared fairly (by percentage), at each farm/zone, this is fine, for (fiqh/law) concerns of Islam. But if at the end, some of the financers receive more from a farm, others more from other farms, it may be more questionable (as the quality of yield also may vary). I would suggest you to weigh your case, if fully-fair sharing does not appear feasible, e.g: per logistics. Ask for related fatwas to some people who can judge it.

Further Reading

We avoid the problems which existed in 2002. What [not] to Swallow, in an Ex-state.

With farmaze and firmaze, we are with our remedies.

Even a family may raise their food, afar, with many options.

Any function, or resource, is by itself. A farmazer may provide it himself/herself, while preferring to farmaze, for any other. If a farmazer wants to do what he/she does not know how to do, a formaze (re*education) form, or two, may foster that knowledge.

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