Trouble-Maker Witch-Beings

Why does anyone become a witch? Let's guess. A witch is possibly a giggling psycho, and/or a loser evil, who cannot get what he/she wants, to "make others behave," through other means.

Witchcraft does not invent; It steals. What a witch may grab through witchcraft, is what any bully would grab - if he can oppress the victim. The witch does it stealthily, through other methods. As such, a witch is a parasite, only a-bit-crafty, with an eagerness to grab, what others own.

Whether it brings any material advantage to the witch himself/herself is less relevant. It hurts the victim, while the witch is giggling. This is the point to care.

The Endorra Syndrome

In 1970s-80s there was a popular TV Show. It featured a lovely-couple. Although the wife (Samantha) was a witch, she would not hurt anybody. By contrast, her mother, Endorra, was quite biting. She used to conduct witchcraft to hurt the son-in-law.

Endorra was a pathological case. That is essentially the problem with any sort of witchcraft-technology, whether it conspires with (evil) genies, or it is [opto-]electronical-transgressions through soul-shots, or whatever. If it is carried by an inclined-transgressor, he/she may use it on whim, to meet his/her material-aspirations, dominance-needs, etc.

Where could it stop, if essentially a piece-of-nothing, could get a lot of advantages, when he/she is involved with witchcraft? Probably never - until he/she is arrested, and executed.

There is another wave of witchcraft-stories, with Harry Potter, etc. I do not watch, or read them - except as summaries about the world-trends, and/or about film-makers. But, it is noticeable as a possible motivator, especially when the viewer in question, may be a loser, with excessive dominance-needs unsatisfiable with his/her other means. Our concern is serious, when there is the wide-spread availability of genies, and opto-electronical-intrusion tools of various severity - such as spycams, tempest-attacks, laser-audio-listeners, brain-wave trainers, etc.

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Witchcraft Technology


Islam acknowledges two types of creatures who may prefer. Humans, and genies. By contrast, angels do whatever Allah orders. Therefore, angels may never commit sins. Genies and humans, may be evil, or good. Genies, evil genies, may attack (innocent) people. This is known since millenia. Although, some psychological symptoms may present similar signs, that does not necessarily mean every person who is attacked by genies, has a psychological problem.

Other than in Islamic sources, genies may be called "folklore" but there exist phenomena, especially when we couple the cases where the so-called "bodiless spirits" claim they are the spirits of old-timer dead people, and may even dictate their "unpublished" work, with the final act that, such "spirits," or the lieful genies, can be burned by genies-burners.

The most salient feature may be the intrusion of some spirit/genie into some medium person, and/or to a group/whatever. That is a possible invasive path through [unwarned] victims, too. This is our concern.

Soul Shots

Another, a technological, privacy intrusion path is the [opto-]electronical-transgressions through soul-shots. It is similar to a bullet shot to a target. Here, both the "bullet," and the "target," would be souls. Unless the victim resists the scenarios imposed on him/her, the evil jammer, essentially, conducts a jam-session, but with souls, rather than with musical-instruments.

The phenomenal concept of "soul shots" is about the mechanism to merge two souls. This is the interactive, basically symmetric stuff. Both sides may experience each other. Compare that to a telephone-call. But when there is a transgression, that is, when one side (the transgressor) attacks the other (the victim), the term gains added meaning. It is analogous to a bullet-shot to a shot-target. If it were symmetric, we would not ask "who is the bullet, who is the target?"

A possibility also exists, such that the transgression occurs, although the evil-jam is without any consent of either of the jammed-victims. Very probably, the victims may not even know anything about the phenomenon of soul-shots. This could be, because the giggling-psycho witch-beings may be enjoying the mess they commit - even if nothing else is gained out of that evil-craft.

Genies, and/or Soul-Shots

I refer to the opto-electronical transgressions as the "soul shots," and keep them separate, although the noticeable effects might be the same as the transgressions which employ genies, which were known since millenia. There is an asymmetry, when a genie messes with a human. A human could not possibly do it to a genie, or a third party could not do it through such a genie, unless by (witchcraft) agreement with that genie - possibly, the satan.

The phenomenon of soul-shots commits the same catastrophical-consequences, as the genies - whether the messed people are awake, or in sleep. That is essentially, whispered suggestions to your mind, or heart - when another entity is mixed, to assert its/his/her own lobbied-content, while steals your private thoughts. That is satanical. It is our task to find-out evil-suggestions within our minds, and fight against such, to remain as decent, and free people.

In Quran, the passage (114th surah) against evil-intrusions, does refer to both genies and humans, as potential evil-whisperers.

In Arabic, the word "shey-tun," (the satan) also conveys, as its base-meaning, someone who is excessively-abusive, a transgressor. That is, someone who (insists at) hurtfulness, unrightfully.

psi attacks at mediums?

It is well-documented that people who are referred-to as "medium"s may sometimes be visited by unvisible-entities. In the case of genies (or, "bodiless spirits"), that is a matter of controversy, whether it is something about the person.

In the case of electronically-triggered attacks against the un-willing, but victimized, "mediums," e.g. members of a jury, a little bit of extra implant, or stain, or even the DNA of the person may identify him/her as a special (point-shooted) target. Even if I may not guess, and I cannot care to guess, the exact technology of it, even the basic availability of such a phenomenon (see US-Patent 3,951,134, too), suggests that we should get concerned with such susceptibility towards external manipulations - whether it is electronical-transgressions through soul-shots, or it is genies.

they enjoy being evil
interacting with your soul?

Such an intruder is solving expressions, encoding/decoding brainELF waves, interacting with people's minds, to enjoy "sports of word-games." Who could be such an evil, playing such games?

Equivalently, he/she is calling genies, to steal your secrets, and possibly, to induce "calling"s in you.

There is an interchangeability of genies/deadroids, and such intrusive electronical-techniques - except that the genies/deadroids can also tell about knowledge/secrets of dead people (that they had witnessed, themselves), whereas electronical-gadgets have the advantage of not-relying on such other creatures, which may exercise their own options.

Hadith(ayet, muavizat, against voodoo, knot-breathers

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What the Victims May Experience
Upon Witch Strategies

For a conscientious freeperson, it is very disturbing even to imagine it, to empathize with such an abuser-witch. After all, there is a victim of such puppetization-attacks, too, out there. A PUP, person-under-pressure, is the transgressed-victim, although there may exist yet other victims, too, if such a PUP is controlled to hurt others.

Transient-Evil: Soul Attacks

The phenomenal "soul-attacks" is about what the victim experiences. A soul-attack is a general concept, which encompasses the variety of effects, noticeable upon a transgression. For example, if the "bullet"-side is a panicful personality, the victim may experience the soul-attack, as the psychological syndrome of panic-attack. Other "soul-effects" may bring other personality-shifts such as laughter, sleepiness, incontinence, spontaneous-ejaculation, or whatever, can be contagious, while the evil is being in [symmetrical] contact - whether the victim is awake, or in sleep.

If we keep in mind that, a lot of illnesses have an especially psychological (or, brain waves) aspect, the effects transmittable-through-soul-attacks, would not be underestimated. If the transgressor brain waves contain an especially unconcentrated, very unbalanced type, the victim may even fall out of segway, and much more. When you observe someone with a disability, or lack of balance, thank God, that yourself have not been that way, and nobody couples your existence with such - especially, at critical, potentially-catastrophical moments. e.g: During a jump, etc.

Know thyself, with your faith. Do soul-searching, to identify yourself, to spot and fight agaist any unexplainable evil changes, as much as you can. Many meditators, since many centuries or millenia, have done this, to fight against satanical effects.

Stable-Evil: PUP-trainers?

The word unexplainable is an important concern. We need thorough meditation, to judge what is "explainable." After all, psychology studies behavior changes, too, doesn't it? With witchcraft-technology, the transgressors have a stealthy "back door," to shape a human. The psychological, or social psychological mechanisms, may be very simple, but they can be very hurtful, and puppetizing, especially if they get "injected" in yourself, through the stealthiness of soul-shots.

We may call them "mind-body attacks," with a pun that points at military-mines, which wait dormant, until exploded (i.e: mine'd body). Your thoughts, and maybe even your physical abilities may be shaped by such insistent soul-attacks, to install mind-body-attack triggers. Wave upon wave, even rocks may get shaped. As humans, we may resist though, especially if we know the transgressors, and what they would want us to do.

At the least, for example, if the transgressors bring stomach-problems, or meaningless penile erections, the transgressed-victim, "PUP," may avoid some exercises, or public-presences, to avoid the pain, and/or to avoid the shame. Once installed, such a trigger, next, may be used to unable that PUP's attendance to critical meetings, where important deals would be cut.

Some behaviors may be triggered at any time, whereas others may need some installation-sequence, through several sessions of soul-attacks. Once installed, the latter may also be triggered, at any time.

It may be especially problematic, if cases involve such social-psychological concepts as cognitive-dissonance, or social-perception. A soul-attack may change a person's self-image, and pave a path, essentially to abyss.

In 1994-95, I thought of research in social-psychology. At that time, I had not considered witchcraft as relevant, at all. Now, I plan to resume the enterprise, with an even wider range of topics. This page is an example.

multi-sided PUP'pet-theater?

It is probably quite trivial to write sitcom-variety scripts, to let multiple victims to talk with each other. Once the soul-attacks, especially with the installed triggers, can manipulate a single, the next step is to make two of them interact. It is a puppet theatre - unless any of the victims resist/improvise, possibly when a principle is violated. I have referred to a hadith of our prophet, Muhammed (s.a.s.), on the anti-abuse strategies page, about such satanical-scenarios.

Social-Evil: An Empire, Unless We Notice.

At zElQarneyn's, my anti-abuse strategies page lists broad categories of social-lobbies. You may list specific groups, out of your own experiences, possibly. Our concern, here, is the sort of illegitimate-advantage pursuit, which may get coupled with witchcraft.

The word 'genie' meets the concerns here, in its double-meanings. i.e: Both as a genie (jinn), as with occult attacks by/through genies, and also as a worldly-crafty/social human (jinn-un-nas), as with the social pychological mechanisms, and lobbies, and/or through soul-shots.

It is a "PUP," after all. Isn't it? Not necessarily. The anti-abuse strategies page, refers to the relief, too. It is easy, and seamless. The pages I have written for various human needs, join forces to free our minds, too. It is an improved world, with each of ourselves, at the center of our own world. (See, for example, about education, armaze, representation, etc.)

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Possibly-Real Cases, in Our Real World

Let's guess the "applications," the cases of catastrophical consequences, which may occur in our real world, in view of the knowledge in the previous sections.

RealWorld: Wherever what-we-do is important...

As far as possible, we should find ways to set up firewalls, to avoid transgressions, and burn the genies, too. At the very least, even when the transmission is not avoidable, we should know that, it exists, when it exists. Then, we would revise our thoughts, do soul-search, etc. Next, I list a few critical attack possibilities, important in our real-worlds.

What is a courtroom for?

A judge, even the defendants, if manipulated, what is the sense of a judgment, and a courtroom?

Democratic Elections?

Is it possible to abuse the voters in primaries, or even the full-size national elections? It appears especially possible in elections of professional-organizations, and/or sports federations, where only a few people vote, but there is a prestige with the position. A bunch of transgressors may load "positive-feelings" towards a particular nominee.

Sports Competitions

What would it be, if your most successful athlete is transgressed, during a match? Whether it is Olympics, or basketball, or whatever, it would probably, at least, mess with concentration.

"Friend"ly Fire?

Why do well-trained fighter-jet pilots kill their own friends? It is possible that their abilities get abridged, because someone, a game-player, jams with the fighter-pilot, through soul-shots.

In such a case, it is not really the pilot to shoot them, but the game-player's jam, which causes the awkward shots. Could it cost much, if fighter jets were equipped to spot the transgressions? How much is the current cost, if it is the transgressions, to commit such killings?

Any PUPs trained as torturers?

Little-by-little, many evil may be installed, in a transgressed-victim, "PUP," to make him/her hurt others. e.g: To shape people to become torturers, similar to those Ebu-Garib cases. The old Zimbardo simulated-prison experiments had shown the possibilities, even without any witchcraft, but with witchcraft, a transgressor may be injecting ideas/urges to "enjoy it," "take photographs/memorabilia," etc. These were not outcomes of the Zimbardo experiment. The existence of witchcraft does not diminish the responsibilities of the transgressed, though. We must always fight against evil-suggestions, whether it is satan(s), or other humans who want us to be in a bad position.

At a corner where I live, I cannot tell whether Ebu Garib was externally-manipulated, but I know that there exist strange co-occurrences. The tortures (and photographs) may have started after I publised a page, on Oct. 1, 2003. There, a point I had criticized was the U.N. tortures in Somalia, after Americans left control to U.N. (Also relevant, is the more recent page THE culprits, or "only fool generals?")

Train Crashes: "You want to play again?"

Such an "after me" case occurred also with a train-crash on July22,2004. That afternoon (or, with much less probability, on July 21), I looked-up the names of the games to support gmax (for my cousin, in July issue of a local computer magazine, in Turkey). I was surprised to see the name "train simulator" next to flight-simulator. What was the excitement about it, if a train could only travel on a rail? Then, I remembered a protocol-engineering textbook I had noticed in the library. A lot of train crashes were cases of history, and protocol-engineering was first founded to avoid such mess. Then, it made sense to simulate. It could be fun to play a game, to avoid such mess. Right? But it is possible that, some evil game-players, committed exactly the opposite, when they messed with real trains out there. I cannot finalize judgments, based upon timings, but I can point at the possibilities. Believe it, or not.

secret agents?

Industrial spies, the agents which breach your secrets (to steal and/or to change/hurt), may be out to use witchcraft, too. I study protocols for fight against such. A fine example is the page flight-and-fight where I present my policy for what I publish.

the antichrist's fake calling

Could it be that the antichrist is a witch? Yes. Is it possible that both El-Kaide, and the US government may be manipulated, by the antichrist? Yes. Is it possibly a conspiracy to gain advantage either out of an imperialist divide-and-conqueor, or out of USA wars against some third-world nations? Yes. The page antichrist's fake calling discusses these.

health psychology

At this page, I have not even referred to, some other cellular-disease transfer capabilities. (e.g: As referred-to, on a web-page about wave-warfare - I found through Yahoo!search with keywords "ELF waves")

Instead, I present, and infer with, the wide-spread knowledge, that we have known since many centuries, or millenia, as the noticeable effects, when genies attack. The electronical-transgressions through soul-shots, do not appear to present anything new, for our purposes. It only makes, possibly, the attacker more readily arrestable, we hope.

The arrestability of the witch-beings, may relieve the pains of a victim. For example, imagine a possible case, where he has experienced uncureable, unexplainable stomach problems since he started university. If those were upon transgressions by a witch-being, who circled to meet his weak points, maybe upon jealousy, or whatever, since the high-school was over, that may explain the thing. The victim might "heal," (free of those problems, any more), like no other stomach-medicine, if upon the witch-being being arrested because of her other committed (lethal, world-wide) atrocities, she will be executed, along with her committee, the other game-players. When they get executed, the "unexplainable transient stomach problems" of the victim would get relieved. What a nice surprise!

At this site, I have not discussed health-psychology, yet - except a publish-to-www version of an old term paper of mine (1992): Ideas about Psychology and CHD (Chronic Heart Disease). Readable. There are many points to argue about, soul-attacks (or genies), hardy personality, stress, placebo effect, etc.

un-credibility, in university, and/or in professional publications

CaseStudy: copycat82, the un-PhD is an abuser, one way, or another.

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Profiles of Witch-Beings

A witch-being may do his/her transgressions upon a wrong-belief of "being above-humanity," once he/she begins with such witchcraft. We may only reject it, though; Except Allah, there is nothing above humanity. I do realize that a witch-being can become quite un-human (that is, no human-being), but certainly never "above-human." There is no such thing, any way.

A witch is possibly a giggling psycho, and/or a loser evil, who cannot get what he/she wants, to "make others behave," through other means. Apparently, something is "insufficient." The witch "compensates" it through peeks and pokes at other people's lives, stealthily. A witch-being is only a parasite, with an eagerness to grab, whether giggling beyond there, or chuckling in social encounters with his/her [puppetized] victims.

Unsatisfied loser

Such an intruder is not probably someone who feels he/she would be better off, without intruding. The intrusion/theft technology may be his/her/their main, if not only, device to get hold of some intellectual property (by grabbing from others). Otherwise, why waste time with something, if they were able to do any better themselves? Not to mention the low ethics.

Obscenity, stealthily.

Another profile may be a foul-mouthed, psychopathic individual, the sort your parents, and your own taste, had always suggested you to keep away. At real-life confrontations, at the school, or elsewhere, you may get rid off them more easily, but the cowardly-sticky types may not be so easy to discover, and to get rid off. Therefore, stealthiness may be what such a low-personality craves.

Illegitimate advantages, mind/soul-control

Another profile is a lobbier, a witch, that has some (very probably evil) interest to protect. e.g: If you are about to discover some wrongdoing, as you already started finding some indicators, and maybe you told it to some people, or you have been noticed while at it, then the suspected person(s) may compound evil with evil, and try to hide their past wrongdoings, with newer witchcraft.

Fake Solace

You may go on, and found anti-witchcraft centers - especially against electronically-based withcraft. But, if such a center, very especially if it is the only center, when it gets corrupt, and pursues its own interests, what do you do?

The checks-and-balances must operate perfectly. No other issue is as important. The freedom of thoughts, is even more forcefully needed, than freedom of expression. The reported research, and the patent(s), if not protected-against, could only inspire the evil.

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