To avoid the abuses of the antichrist

We are forewarned about the antichrist, the great trouble-maker. But we are told little else. Our force, is with the truth. This is pointed out both in a hadith of our prophet, Muhammed (s.a.s.), and it is inferrable, too, when we notice that even the very name, "ed-deccal," (ad-dajjal) which corresponds to the antichrist, in Islamic terminology, means the un-credible, the fake.

This suggests that, the "prowess" of antichrist, beyond anything else, is his lies. The way he tells his lies. The way he clashes people against each other, with his lies. The way he even claims to be the God (Allah).

the antichrist's fake calling

The especially troublesome is the cases of "calling"s which may urge a person to do things, as if it were a religious service, although the very thing-to-do is something exactly forbidden by the religious texts. A noticeable example, is the case about the suicide-bombers. It involves suicide, coupled along with killings of innocents. Religiously speaking, it is a lose-lose situation.

If Allah, the God, had not sent the religion that way, if you invented yourself new acts, such as suicide-bomb-attacks, "in the name of God" although it is very opposed to the faith we hold, how could you claim it is "ordered by the God?" That is satanical, and quite probably, the antichrist's "calling."

Fake-Legitimacies, quite Anti-Christ'ish

It fits the pattern, suggested by Islam, about the anti-christ as a world-wide trouble-maker. When the "puppets" die willingly, the antichrist would not even need a single bullet, to effectively conqueor the world. It is an empire, unless we notice.

That suggests the infamous empire-builder's tool, divide-and-conqueor, as the antichrist's calling, which is to install fake-legitimacies with his lies, through witchcraft, to beget chaos, through escalation of mutual atrocities. That is, the antichrist team, with subliminal-suggestions through witchcraft, could take their cheapshots at your neighbors/citizens/enemies through yourself - if you buy it.

A few known examples of fake-legitimacy claims, is pointed out, on the page THE Culprits, or "only Fool Generals?"

the truth

We should reflect about any motivations we find in our minds, and filter them with truth. This avoids falling prey to a fake "calling."

The truth has two fronts. Both of these fronts are very favored by Islam. These are, the revealed-truths, and the yaqeen. Yaqeen, is what we witness and/or research, in our worlds. (e.g: science)

We must resist any other "urged-conviction," even if we find that urge within our very own minds. Such subliminal suggestions, is the satan's approach, any way. With anti-christ, the strict anti-religious satanical pursuits, is now to be coupled with the aspirations to build an empire through witchcraft (which divides, to conqueor), which is to benefit the antichrist, along with his associates.

Q: Who is the deccal (the antichrist)?


Let's discuss the signs about the anti-christ, to guess/spot where he may be, and what he may be involved with. What is his purpose, possibly? An empire through witchcraft? Is the chaos, a divide-and-conqueor tool? Any birthmarks, or special pointers about him?

ed-deccal, the antichrist

The word deccal (daj-jul), in Arabic means, "fake, a charlatan." A gold-plated copper coin, is not worth, what it appears to be. Similarly, ed-deccal (the deccal) is somebody who claims to be, what he is not. In particular, Islam tells us that, ed-deccal's claims is to be the God. The warnings tell about the chaos to be beget by him, too.

There is a possibility that, people may be expecting wrong signs, because they interpret the hadiths about ed-deccal, through very limited translations. I present examples, next. To verify some of these interpretation-possibilities, I need the original Arabic texts of all the hadiths, yet. Take these as pointers. A knowledgeable person should find it very easy to verify, or refute, any of these interpretation-possibilities.

Is this the time?

Let's look outside, to formulate "conspiracy theories." If we assume that the antichrist (the deccal, ad-dajjal), has appeared, we may guess that, he (along with his associates) manipulates/suggests the minds of both the suicide-bombers, and the torture-justifiers/ideologues. We are justified in making such guesses, because neither side appears to follow even their own faiths, and/or their nation's true heritage, when they commit to such excesses.

Think about the suicide-bombers. Is it Islamic, at all? It is a thing of last century. (Even less than 30 years?) Islam forbids suicide, and forbids murder except for self-defense. It was Japanese kamikaze expectation, with their culture of suicide. Not Islam. But something appears to convince such people to kill themselves, without any gain for those who they leave, either.

The Ebu Garib toturers were reported to mention Jesus (a. s.), when they pressed the prisoners, as if that were motivated by christianity. Is torture any traditional American interpretation of Christianity? Or does it imitate Inquisition?

The Christian faiths come in many varieties, and appear more prone to sway to extremes - while still considered as valid christianity. (A social psychology textbook suggests psychological research, when both extremes exist in the bible, e.g: "turn the other cheek" vs. "an eye for an eye"). But for example, the traditional American interpretations, would not possibly let much sway of people to extremes. (e.g: Rights and tolerance towards other faiths, instead of torture.) People become prone to the antichrist's fake callings, when they leave their forefathers' faiths/paths, without moving to the Islamic ranges/ranks - whether as a muslim, and/or as a well-thought philosopher.

The soul-jams may have operated in such cases, too.

By contrast, think about Yavuz Sultan Selim, an Ottoman sultan, who attempted to order the non-muslims (or, christians) to convert to Islam. Mainly, he was tired of the crime rate in the non-muslim sections of the city - possibly because alcoholic drinks drunk there. But the sheikh-ul-Islam, the master-of-fatwas, run and told the sultan that, such forced conversions were not doable. Islamic religious-tolerance is compulsory, and if the sultan insisted, he would issue the fatwa for the execution/death of the sultan. The story ended there. The non-muslims lived with their religions for centuries.

The ethnic tension was a later, ultra-nationalist thing. It was never Islamic. In fact, even Arabs and Turks, if you buy the words of tyrannical ultra-nationalists at both sides, were turned to be enemies against each other. Such uppets, at both sides, even today, may wear western suits, profess westernism, along with a dash of ultra-nationalist speak. Next, as the only point to tell which side is Turk, and which side is Arab, you should notice that, the Turkish puppet brushes against the Arabs, in their absence, while mythifying Turkness. And it is vice versa, about the Arab-puppet.

The Anti-Christ's Associates

Who would conspire with the anti-christ? Who would insist, even when the signs become obvious? To a conscientious person, that is possibly the most surprising point. But there exist people, who commit evil, with or without the antichrist. They were to meet each other, to be together, to meet the evil-potential they were always inclined to. Meat and bone, can get separated only by death.

A gathering of All-Evil

There is the possibility of such associates to include a varieties of groups which were ever known to be inclined to abuse the human societies. The secret services of tyrannical third-world countries meet this expected profile. Similarly, the secret services of ex-colonial masters, which were pushed to dormancy upon the rise of USA, in twentieth century, may also conspire. It is almost certain that such conspiracy-cliques would exist in such empire-inclined, tyrannical/colonialist secret-services.

Such a group of tyrants, is a carved piece of bigotry - they may bash both the Americans, and the muslims. Such exercises of the tyrants, appear to be inspired by their self-interests, and/or by baseless self-importance, to promote their own tyrannical-or-colonialist, corrupt states/groups. The all-evil opportunity of "calling"s through souls, let such attackers to even drive people to death - as in such cases of puppetized suicide-bombers. Allah would not order it, as both suicide, and to kill innocent people, were forbidden by Islam. But the antichrist's fake callings may suggest it - if you buy it.

Given that they were always so willing to manipulate the establishment, through secret lobbies, the other groups which got listed on my anti-abuse strategies main page, may be inclined to be other natural-allies, to conspire with the antichrist, too. What would keep them away? Their almost-existential, born-and-bred inclinations provide the bridge. They would be natural partners, with the antichrist - through some "branch office," someone they know, close to them.

In summary, it is a gathering of all-evil, out there. This is the armageddon, then. Such all-evil, expand/network through their own all-evil links, while we should network in a framework of truth, anti-abuse.

A bunch of "homo-god"s?

Instead of "homo-sapiens" as a term of biology, they appear to imagine and impose themselves as a bunch of "homo-gods," once they get involved with witchcraft.

They may be losers, with no way to satisfy their exaggerated aspirations. Even without awful educational histories, they may be losers, stuck at a corner of life, with "not enough" success, "not enough" dominance, "not enough" whatever. The witchcraft, and bigotry may be to meet their queer needs, unsatiable complexes. The turmoil they spread throughout the world, and the game-player atrocities they commit, may be used to annoy people whom they want to hurt and/or to virtually enslave.

Freedom would "harm" such people, for it does not provide illegitimate dominance over free-people.

Why "third world" may be catastrophical

A third-world country, most often, if not always, is a nation lead by tyrants. The tyrants might be the elected, too, but probably a power-elite. The people may be poor, but the elite need not be. The especially problematic is their "fingers," as such fingers both poke at the citizens and neighbors, in a variety of provokations, and they always keep pointing at "external enemies," hegemonies, etc. - without themselves to provide goods and services. Their "services" appear to be torture and slogans.

Most such tyrants scoff at the local-religion, too, that is, mostly Islam. The history of middle-east, in the last two centuries, contains a lot of ultra-nationalism, and a variety of sects, such as wahhabis, which were supported by mainly the British, to promote their own imperial/colonial expansion.

I had thought, since many years, especially tipped by the Saddam case, that, although such great-separations may help imperialists, what if any of those little countries obtained some super-potential weapon? Such tyrant, show you how cruel they can be, when they torture their own people? What would save the rest of the world? Or to quote, Sir Thomas More "If next, the devil turned around against you, what would save you, when all the laws being dead?"

Maybe Saddam was not the type to have any such super-potential weapon, but some other, someday, may. I point out the unfair attacks at the American legitimacy, in past decades on another page. Such attacks, when not confronted by truth, can hurt both even the self-images of the Americans, and the next time, at a critical moment, a needed scientist, for example Fermi, would not go to the USA, after many years of having heard of bad words about the USA. Who wins?

The antichrist might be such a thirld-world'er who has some capabilities, to take his cheapshots through the brains of the unsuspecting victims - until we notice.

The jealousy/chauvinism explanation is almost a tautology about the conspiracy-theory about codename:antichrist against USA, because we already know that, around the world, USA-bashing is always a popular sport. In this case, though, it may not be the street-demonstrators, but somebody who is both anti-Islam, and who also objects to the American hegemony, even when that is well-earned, and even if himself has benefited out of its gains, a lot. This suggests, to me, some clique, possibly some military officers, and so-called "intellectuals," of the third-world, who may seldom, if ever, care to produce/invent anything, except absurdly bashing against both Islam and against the USA.

what motivates the transgressions of the antichrist and his associates?

The antichrist need not be alone, though. A variety of other cliques, as mentioned, may conspire. We may imagine conspiracy-theories which involve clerks in imperial-ministries of those ex-colonnial masters, and/or some secret-services eager to meet their supremacy wishes, and/or even pro-Israel people who may want to urge USA, to fight against Islam. It is a network of opportunist-crooks. That is certain. But the particular-fingers must be individually unearthed. That is where we guess about the conspiracies. If any reader of this/these page(s) thinks of any names, after what I write, it may serve as a seed for him/her, to go on to chase.

If a "psychic warrior," as a review of such book informs, may suggest Gorbachev to change the Soviets, some other, the antichrist, may attack, both the USA, and Islam. It is simple deduction.

imperial wars, as a possibility?

Remember the British empire? This is always a possibility. As a conspiracy theory, especially, when a wahhabi caused USA to enter Afghanistan, and carried the British, along, the British imperial machinery was noticeable, too. (Whether or not any prime-minister is indicated, some cliques persist, and they have their visions.) In fact, when you mention "third world," how could you ignore the imperial/colonial masters, the British, and the French, who first caused it. Next, they lost primacy to USA, but resumed their seat, it appears, when USA stepped back, after Vietnam, where USA had, in fact, acted as French-legionaires, essentially - although USA never identified itself, as such. cf. Other uprisings, in French colonies, in the 1960s. They were all very bloody. Enough was enough. USA intervened in a naive way, and assumed all the bad labels for itself.

A recent neo-con article, when "justifying" torture, carries such sort of mis-identification to WorldWar II, when it refers to the Royal Air Force's killings of tens of thousands of German children, as "theirs," not to mention that, the argument may be faulty, any way. cf. Yogi Berra "It is not over, till it is over." Germans wer working with high-tech bombs, in fact, as we read. In any case, even within his own words, "if that is something after the war was won", then how could it be a reason why the allied-forces won? I have always maintained that, USA acts were good, even if not necessarily optimal, but that neo-con apparently attempts to paint it as an unethical-wins concept.

In short, the antichrist's groupings may include such, now stealthy, empire-machineries, too. And, as a second point, such deccal-teams might be manipulating such suicide-bombers, and neo-cons, against each other.

A caller, but of course, not Allah, to "call" in such people, with imposed scenarios of mutual-hostilities, built out of collapsed instances of a variety of historical atrocities. Next, possibly with social-psychological processes, step by step, they tune the victims (the jammed targets), against each other (social-perception, cognitive dissonance). The games at both side, become puppets of those evil game-players.

The US-Afghanistan war, analogous to USA-Libya war. Lockerbie case, started Libyan. World-Trade-Center case, started war against Afghanistan. Simple copycat scenarios?

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