Islam was revealed to our prophet Muhammed (s.a.s.), about 620 A.D. When I offer my Islamic world-view, the ZilQarneyn's, to reform the world, the readers may wonder how it was, at the times of Muhammed (s.a.s.), himself. This is the main page for a review of the revealed Islamic truths, as they were lived then, as the reports have arrived till our day.

A faithful-report of those times, is my aim, for this section. We may do that through the hadiths, the sunnet, i.e: the aphorisms, and/or daily-conduct reported from our prophet, Muhammed (s.a.s.)

Islamic faith and practice

So far, there are three pages about Islamic wisdom, at this site: The Islam page, refers to the faith. The Farz & Meditation page, refers to the reasons and preferences, in our Islamic worlds. It is about Islamic farz (necessary conduct) and meditations (zikir, tefekkur, tesbihat). I also intend to program these as a simulator/game, to forward an appreciation of Islamic principles. The pages are not finished, yet. But they are worth reading, already. The pages

are there, too.

the hadith referrals process

Referral to hadiths are already within the pages I publish as my own Islamic world-view. Even the process of hadith-referrals, as the Islamic scholars had studied since more than a millenium, and a few centuries, have an important place, at this site.

For example, when I discuss the armaze, the mazes are after hadith-referral networks. At armaze, I suggest those referral-networks of trust, to inform about, and to fight against security-threats, etc.

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There are many paths to pursue, and a lot to discuss, yet. Allah is to help, inshaellah.

Further Reading

The case about the anti-christ (ed-deccal) is of concern, too. Is he a (techno-)witch to beget chaos, especially through the thought-control of the (public-opinion) leaders? Is this the armageddon time?

There is a page about Jesus (a.s.), too.

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