Legitimate Representation

A form of representation is any of:

Representation is legitimate, if-and-only-if:

The charlatan is an illegitimate claimant to represent, what he/she is not really entitled to. Examples may be:

Any wrong quote of words "in the name of" the first author/leader is [an attempt] to enslave the public image of the represented (author/leader), to the extent the wrong-words take charge. (That is, being believed, although not true.) This especially occurs, after dead leaders. But it may exist when alive, too, where the leader is not in first-contact.

Quotes-of-published-words may go wrong, too. If it is upon vagueness, then it is a finer idea, to resolve the vagueness, with questions to the original author. For any reader request, I list my page already (as found at the bottom of every page). Please ask me, if in doubt.

Further Reading

I offer anti-abuse remedies, when even the attacks may be exactly malicious - in a variety of ways.

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