To Mediate ...
... for a road ...

A road is an example of a massive-construction project. It may visit several towns. That may fork a range of compromises, when/if not full-remedies:

A road is never over. Therefore, to mediate it, three phases exist, or co-exist:

I answer these, within the R-World framework, the world-view, that I offer.

freedom, and regional-inheritance

We own our personal wealth, as well as a piece of the national resources - as our ancestors have fought to build or protect a nation. To freeze them,

Where there is a public-property, the mediator-people must price it for a function, unless it is fully for-free, for all. To leave it for-free, does not serve the other people who are citizens of that region, but without a need for that road, or water. For a fair-representation, a fair-price must get paid to the people of that region/nation, for it.

e.g: If there are private-land owners in that market, too, then the mediator may set a price, competitive with the rest of the market, to optimize the revenue.

At times, to let a resource, for free, as a promotion, is fine for a maximum regional-revenue, e.g: if they sell gasoline for vehicles, an extra-payment for road-travel may not appear extra attractive (price, lumpable).

The region-people may affirm a mediator, or a few, with affirmaze - as the R-world way to represent their region.

a free-market

For a traveler (e.g: a farmazer), it is no problem to pay a fee for a road, if the truck is also paid for. Let the traveler pay, let the region-people get paid. No need for tax-supported-massive-constructions. Any private land-owner may join to the road-maze, with a road-path, as an alternative - and get paid, when it is traveled through.

The armaze path-forming may resemble this, and that is right. A firm-finance (i.e: matters-of-money), ought to exist together with the armaze (right and responsibility) for it.

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