Proof-by-Existence - Around-2002.

At this site, I present an Islamic, individualistic, world-view, and quite a lot of ideas. At first, many of these ideas may appear "too obvious to tell." I reject it, though. When people neglect these rules, they do not arrive at the same results.

I prove the non-obviousness, with counter-examples. This documents the world, for future reference, too. I point at the "real world," as we had known it, in the 20th and the early 21st centuries (codenamed 2002 here), and I point out that, the humanity has not existed the way I now suggest that we should live - although, a connosseur, with the right set of preferences, would find its bits and pieces, here and there, around the world.

Two negatives, do not make a positive.

The criticisms, about the non-zElQarneynee world, are not necessarily original. People may yell or mourn about a lot of problems, out there. But I point out a relief here, at ZilQarneyn's. Those "obvious" but neglected rules, the deserted Islamic principles, are the relief.

With no hints, the world affairs are not easy to refine. First, we need to know the rules, the formulae, to maximize our rewards. With no hints, people would have to take many random jumps, in a hope to maximize the rewards. But when the formulae, and many fine points in them are known, as I offer here, at zElQarneyn's, then the readers are able to easily verify for themselves, that those formulae, are the finest, above anything else.

Further Reading

I point at very few pages, through this 2002-index-page, yet. The pages about anti-abuse strategies, the "me too" people and the American History, in 20th-21th centuries are readable, even if not finished, yet. These may convey a sense of the many problems with the hierarchies which govern the world. There are also case-studies:

The case about the anti-christ is especially, of concern. Think about the Sept.11,2001 attacks, as it was the major news in 2002. Was that, at its core, a plot by the antichrist? Is he a (techno-)witch to beget chaos, especially through the thought-control of the (public-opinion) leaders? Is this the armageddon time?

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