armaze, walking

A remote-location problem, is when

As a remedy, either transform all the gap to armaze (the finest-remedy, but may take time), or make use of informaze.


armaze is not invasive. For armaze (a self-defense network) to grow, the new people need to want that. That is the loveliest way, for a full-friendly, cozy world. The next choice, is the arm-length remedy. That is, if the "gap" is under full-view of "neighbor" armaze people (& immediately arrivable, too), that is reminiscent of having armaze in the neighborhood, although armaze people would not help (interact with) people there (other than [big-]action-time to fend off the listed/grave offenses).

The "third method" (or, 3rd & 4th) is like the first two, but the firm/fort hiring that armaze people, is traveling. For example, with the people of a platformaze (the flexible, aquatic/airborne residential platform-mazing, cf. Jetsons flying-room/house to/from the building). Or, traveling-salespeople, with their armaze.

Rippling of armaze is for a firm/fort to help another. That is about the root of the maze'ing within (the world-wide) armaze, not about a gap. For a gap, frightened is a framework reminding of the 2nd (arm-length), although for only limited time (a well-planned rescue/hit operation [with mazloom people], not full-time viewing/surveillance) -- after any afraid, all of armaze people getting out (unless the people there, start their armaze).

informaze'ing, remotely

Authorizing a remote people for a visit/communication? A few informaze strategies may help. (Resembling hadith-scholarship.)

That is, for arriving at distant people, and for maintaining that link afterward, we may need to follow a few important strategies.

for Further Information

This page may have resembled playing Go, the [in]famous Japanese game, of invasion. In this case, though, the case is about people who willingly maze/network, with full freedom. This incremental-formation, is at the root of any maze.

Go is played by the people who place the stones; not by the stones -- how I contrast maze vs. labyrinth.

As a related issue, I do not like the (witch-like) notion of "playing as if god" even in a computer-game.

w.r.t. the remote-location problem, there are four force-varieties, in the World (the last two co-existing with the legacy world-system, based around nation-states)

R-world is not limited to armaze (the first two, of the listed). For example, RRRR is extremely fitting for tax-repositioning (a thoroughly C-type strategy), out of a territory, the policies of which, you find offensive.

visiting a remote location

People roam, visiting remote people (for fun, business, a family/friendly/alumni-gathering, etc.)

Road-safety (cf. the Kerbela incident), is important.

The face-similarity of impostors (esp. if they have spied-data).

For ensuring that your mail-traffic is to/from me, think about, e.g: internet-mail theft/spoof.

armaze-people get out of their fort, for armaze-related functionality, too. For example, when another armaze is requesting help, a few of your armaze people, may ripple to help there. Other time, frightened, they may help even in non-armaze territories.

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