T.C. is Türkiye Cumhuriyeti (Republic of Turkey). Without extra knowledge, you could guess one of

I mean the last case. "T.C." is the prefix of all such state-branches, e.g: as in the name, outside the door of that state-branch. That is to mean even the non-state-owned schools, as they serve within the guidelines of T.C. [Education Ministry]. Also, lump in the state-endorsed language-behemoth T.D.K. -- of which, the newspeak is the [semi-]official language of T.C.

Normally, I publish for the rest of the World, not for Turkey -- where little would change with talk, and the next coup d'etait might wipe all achievement. Why bother talk? I only announce what I am, and why. e.g: Against the T.C.newspeak, as I indefinitely-postpone the release of new pages for Istanbul (in Turkish).

trouble spots

The Islamic-female-wear (female tesettur) is centrally banned (by T.C.) in all of the universities in Turkey. The agonies of those who want to attend the universities with their tesettur, and the T.C.state-slogans which oppose them, is a big public noise.

The academic-rank of Turkey, is quite low, though, in the World. e.g: The copycat82 has been able to grab a seat, as a professor, and a department chair, in probably the most prestigious university in Turkey.

Some people think of the government (in post, as of 2005) a taqiyyah case. Taqiyyah means to deny faith, when at gunpoint. The case is strange, though. The government which is claimed to do taqiyyah, in fact, works heavily to increase taxation, and to increase the capacities of the school-system -- both of which spell that, soon the compulsory-school years will extend to 10 or 12. If such, all of the women/girls in Turkey upto age 19, will get coerced to leave their Islamic tesettur -- even without a university. What was that government supposed to do more, to assure their being not Islamic? No end to paranoia?

The paranoia about the government (in 2005) is also a concern, if we remember the horror case of the "second-taxation" which was committed by the previous government, to alleviate the needs after the earthquake of Aug17,1999. The tax-payer was supposed to pay the tax -- again! Such horror, shatters the concept of law-and-order, and some people may go bankrupt. Now, when people thought this government, in comparison, is not so erratic, the threatened-status of them, the militaristic-paranoia that targets them, may in turn, increase the paranoia of the investors. That is, what would the next government do?

That is twice the reason, why to avoid a T.C.-tax-payer status.

Not to mention the tripler, 1997 case, that the military top-brass publicly targeted some successful companies -- the "green list." In other words, to pay tax to T.C., may even elicit the wrath of T.C.

That is not all bad news, though. As many Islamic people took their capital out of Turkey, and taxation is frightening to those who remain, inferrably, there is a fruitful market, to order/import from abroad. The foreign-resident merchant could take notice.

The key point is the quality [& service-network] -- and extra point, if the manual is readable, too. The internet is a fine medium, to arrange a world-wide, well-known, distribution. From a well-known firm, order at home.

what next?After I posted the "older" page (no change, except this footnote), to www, on Nov. 25, 2005, sth. strange occurred. On Nov.29 (or, so) The government publicized a will to lower the tax-rate. No need to change this page, though. The points that I have pointed out, are (&remain) important, all the same. First, please note that, that is after a two-three-year period, during which, that government imposed all weight, to increase the spread/grip of the tax-system, and there was no tax-rate drop, either. The paranoid claims were there, though, all the same. Next, notice that, the government proposal is only on a paper (or between lips), and may increase, again. In fact, that is already tipped by them, and such that, they expect the non-reported economy, to get within the grip of the tax-system, or else, they said that, the tax-rate may increase, again. That is, in summary, they want to extend the T.C.-grip. The frightened people would question, though. What guarantees that they (if they do not find that enough), or the next government, would not increase that tax-rate, again? That would take only a whim of a split-second. By the way, although with this footnote, I have updated this page this time, I do not want to comment on such trivia, each time the government does sth. Map is there. Turkey is only that little place in the World (of six-billion)

affine distance

I favor formaze. If I were a boss, I would not hire a 70% engineer with old-knowledge (as dumped by the big bad education system), when I could hire a formazer, who is inherently all-time developing himself/herself.

In T.C., that is an extra gift, as Islamic women are alienated. Instead of fighting to honor the T.C. universities, we may keep away, rarely hiring their graduates, and not reading the books of T.C. "scholars" (of little or no value, really, when the rest of the world is noticed). We may learn to the fullest, only with a formaze attitude -- whether for a boy, or a girl. (Almost twenty years ago, when I was disrespecting high schools, that was not a religious need. I knew schools were not valuable.)

In view of the antipathy of the T.S.K. (military of T.C.) toward the Islamic religious observation, for a career soldier, I suggest Islamic people NOT to enter there. Why bother the fuss? If really interested in helping your land, in war-time, go abroad and either raise your own army/armaze (for a time that may come), or get into a foreign army, e.g: U.S.A. After all, if the Soviet Russia were to attack Turkey, who would expect the least of a success, without the USA/NATO? No point to claim "want to help" if you only want a T.S.K costume.

For example, think of the Bosnian people who were living out of Bosnia, but returned to fight against the Serbs -- or, the (Islamic) mojahedin help to the Bosnian, and in the Afghan war against the Soviet Russia. The USA also helped the Afghan, against Russia. As the career type of example, the U.S. general, Ebi Zaid, the commander of the force in Iraq, is Arabic.

In 1999, I resolved not to go to any mosque ceremonies, in certain countries. Turkey (of T.C.) is one of them, and I live in Turkey. The first friday after I had planned not to go, was Aug.14,1999. That monday, though, a major earthquake occurred (Aug.17,1999), and we were out of the home/building, thus, the real-last-time, was that morning prayer/namaz (until the unknown-future). I think I am right, and Allah is understanding me.

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